2021 Team Registration

Register your team(s) for the 2020-2021 Carolina Region/USAV season here. Please READ all instructions below before proceeding with first team submission.

This is the SECOND step in registering your teams with the Carolina Region this season. The FIRST step is to submit your teams into the USA Volleyball Governing Season inside the Member Management System (MMS). You will need information from the team information you submit in the MMS in order to complete this step, so you must do that first! See this Guide for help with setting up your teams in the MMS.


Once you submit, you may continue to submit all the teams in your club. We will be notified when we receive submissions. We will then confirm the information was submitted correctly, and then we will send an invoice to the Club Director inside the MMS for the team fees due. Once the invoice is paid, we will update the team fees paid status in the MMS and approve the teams for posting in the Tournament System. Once a team is listed in the Tournament System, you may begin submitting Tournament Entries for one-day CR events.

name   Team Name - include Club and then unique team name. Should match what you submit in new MMS.
division   Choose Team age and east/west of Greensboro
first   Team Rep's First Name
last   Team Rep's Last Name
email   Team Rep's email
city   City where team is based or practices
code   This is the team code generated by USAV
quintile   For Initial Ranking Group. See instructions above for more details