Points System Help

To use this system you must first select the appropriate program (i.e. Juniors, Men, Women) from the Program dropdown on the navbar.

Once a program is selected the standings will be displayed.

The Standings menu displays current standings.

The Tournament dropdown shows tournament dates. Select the approproate date to see additional information about the tournament such as site information, entries, pools, and results.

The Info menu has team directory and other useful infomation as well as detailed help.

Navigating the Standings Page

By default the standings page shows the standings for all the teams in the selected program in rank order from highest to lowest.

You can change the sorting order for any column on the page by clicking the up/down arrows next to the heading. For example clicking the arrows next to the Team heading will sort the teams alphabetically. Or you may click the arrows next to the Division heading to sort by division.

You can use the Search box to filter the lines displayed to those matching the given string. This is useful to filter the display for a specific team, or teams from the same club, or to a specific division. To return to the full display, clear the text in the search box.

The standings page is resposive to the width of the screen. On smaller screens it shows only the team, division, initial points, and final points. On larger screens it will display the points changes for each tournament the team has played.

Navigating the Tournament Pages

First you must select a specific tournament from the Tournaments dropdown in the navbar.

The information on a tournament page varies depending on if the tournament has been played, planned, or still in the planning stages.

After a tournament has been played and the results recorded, the pages show the results and scores for each pool and division.

Once the pools for a tournament have been defined, the page will show the team assignments and site location for each pool scheduled to play.

In the early planning stages the page will show the list of teams who have registered for the tournament and potential sites willing to host.