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Directory of Women Teams

Use this directory to find a team in your area.

Teams in the current division (Women) for this season are listed below sorted by city. The email addresses for the team reps have been altered to avoid spam harvesters, so you will have to type them in to your email program.

Team Name City Captain Email Team Code
Ya Dig It (ODR) Lisa Dalton lgdalton5252 at yahoo dot com FBBSWVAC1OD
Rock Starz (ODR) Sherri Agee F30SWVAC2OD
Six Packers (ODR) Angela Marshall FBSWVAC4OD
Sports Page (ODR) FANCTRL1OD
Sherpa (ODR) Blair Trail W30SWVAC1OD
CHAVC-Chill (17's) FJ7CHAVB1CR
(Phenomenal) Pickles Apex Courtney Boyd Courtney_Boyd at med.unc dot edu FBOHANA1CR
From All Over Apex Kim Smith kimwsmith at yahoo dot com FBBFAOVR1CR
Pick Up Line Belmont Brandi Laird brandi.laird at towersperrin dot com FBPCKUP1CR
Hard Core Carrboro LaJean Morrow lrmorrow at email.unc dot edu FAHRDCR1CR
Full of Hits Cary Elizabeth Shamseldin shamseld at email.unc dot edu FAFULLH1CR
Married with Children Cary Tahlia Sutton tahlia.sutton at gmail dot com FBBMWCHD1CR
Gettin' Lucky Chapel Hill Jenna Passman jennabu17 at hotmail dot com FALUCKY1CR
Spikopaths Charlotte Sarah Farley sfarley at evergreeninvestments dot com FASPIKO1CR
Rhymer Fitness Charlotte Jessica Keenan jessicakeenan at alumni.wfu dot edu FBBRFTNS1CR
Charlotte Crush Charlotte Carrie Adams carolyn.adams at dot us FACCRSH1CR
VolleyChicks Charlotte Melanie Jaehnen mjaehnen at hotmail dot com FAVLLYC1CR
Phoenicopteri Durham Laura Clift lauraclift at yahoo dot com FBBPHCOP1CR
Randy's Pizza Durham Jessica Habecker jessica.habecker at duke dot edu FBBRPZZA1CR
Milltown Durham Ursula Valgus ucarswell at hotmail dot com FBBMILLT1CR
Blockbusters Durham Amy Tsai amy100497 at yahoo dot com FBBLBST1CR
Pepper Greensboro Cathy Sescourka cesescourka at hotmail dot com FBPEPPR1CR
Over.Net Greensboro Cathee Vielkanowitz notime4cd at yahoo dot com FBOVNET1CR
International Jammers High Point Georgette Crawford-Crooks crawford54 at hotmail dot com FAINTLJ1CR
Spiked Punch Holly Springs Julie Duquette julieduquette at hotmail dot com FBSPNCH1CR
Vroom Kernersville Pamela Dickenson cplumball at hotmail dot com FAVROOM1CR
Benchwarmers Mebane Rebecca Wood rebecca_wood at dot us FBALFRC1CR
JB's Toasted Mocksville Laura Miller lbcmiller at gmail dot com FBBJBTST1CR
Muffins Pinehurst Tamara Bovais Tamiebo2233 at hotmail dot com FBBMUFFN1CR
Green Card Raleigh Jennifer Tung jentung at gmail dot com FAGCARD1CR
Two Blocks Away Raleigh Yalonda White vbempress13 at hotmail dot com FATWOBL1CR
Hot Tamales Raleigh Tiffany Huey thuey6 at hotmail dot com FBBHOTTM1CR
The Smack Down Raleigh Kelli Jordan kelli.jordan at hotmail dot com FBBSDOWN1CR
Las Damas Fuertes Raleigh Katharine Engler katvolley13 at aol dot com FBBLASFR1CR
99 Problems Salisbury Amanda Hendrix aphendrix at yahoo dot com FBPRBLM1CR
The Young & The Relentless Sanford Caitlin Spell caitybug206 at yahoo dot com FBYANDR1CR
Extreme Elevation Spring Lake Jeannette Downer pana2107 at yahoo dot com FBEXTEL1CR
Las Chicas Winston-Salem Beth Alexander balexanderrn at hotmail dot com FBBLASCH1CR