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Directory of Men Teams

Use this directory to find a team in your area.

Teams in the current division (Men) for this season are listed below sorted by city. The email addresses for the team reps have been altered to avoid spam harvesters, so you will have to type them in to your email program.

Team Name City Captain Email Team Code
WCVC-Pico Apex Matt Layko ml18911 at gsk dot com MBWPICO1CR
Super Vball Bros (ODR) Blacksburg Sean Shannon MBBSBO1OD
CHAVC Kaepa Stingrays Chapel Hill Mrk Perry sundogbuilders at bellsouth dot net MBCHAVB1CR
Old N' Broke Clemmons Mickie Six mickiesixx at yahoo dot com MBOLDBR1CR
Killer Rabbits Concord Joseph Dally jdally at carolina.rr dot com MACLTVB1CR
Ray's Elbow Room Durham Forrest Stroud tex at nc.rr dot com MBBRAYEL1CR Durham Blaine Ott at duke dot edu MBBVHVBL1CR
Bragg Bombers Fayetteville Valero Aquino vraquino at yahoo dot com BBRAGG1CR
FCB Shankers Fuquay Varina Cliff Overman FHICliff at aol dot com MBFCBSH1CR
The Unit Greensboro John Martin jmartin7131 at yahoo dot com MATUNIT1CR
Kajungas Greensboro Denys Vielkanowitz notime4cd at yahoo dot com MAKAJNG1CR
6pkanyone? Greensboro Darren Gregory dgvball at aol dot com MBBSIXPK1CR
InTha10 Huntersville Brian Bistreich bbistreich at yahoo dot com MANCCRW1CR
Ditch Witch Kernersville Philip Dickenson pdrunner at yahoo dot com MADWTCH1CR
Second Team Lewisville Scott Powell spowell at cbsolutions-inc dot com MBSECTM1CR
Karch Potatoes Morrisville Jason Earl jbearl at nc.rr dot com MBKRCHP1CR
Knights That Say "Ni!" Mount Holly Peter Stoffel PStoffel at Carolina.RR dot Com MBBCLTVB1CR
Average Joes Pfafftown Dennis Branch branchd at rjrt dot com MBAJOES1CR
Craftsmen Raleigh Kirk Haggard Kirk_haggard at yahoo dot com MBCRAFT1CR
Pwn, Thugs, and Harmony Raleigh Brian Kopec bkopec at qualcomm dot com MAPTHVB1CR
Cary YMCA Boys 18's Raleigh Carter Calloway ccalloway at mac dot com MJ8CARYB1CR
International Jammers Raleigh Gary De James gndnc at earthlink dot net MAINTMN1CR
New Guys (ODR) Roanoke
UAO Winston-Salem Sofia Thomas Clara27106 at yahoo dot com MBUNTON1CR
Cary YMCA Boys 16's Youngsville Mike Lehman warriorxtra at nc.rr dot com MJ6CARYB1CR