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Directory of Women Teams

Use this directory to find a team in your area.

Teams in the current division (Women) for this season are listed below sorted by city. The email addresses for the team reps have been altered to avoid spam harvesters, so you will have to type them in to your email program.

Team Name City Captain Email Team Code
The Temptations (ODR) Amanda Holwell WBBTEMPT1OD
Six Packers (ODR) Angela MArshall WBSWVAC1OD
Get Low (SO) Atlanta Aletha Green
Hard Core Carrboro LaJean Morrow lrmorrow at email.unc dot edu FAHRDCR1CR
Torero's Cary Elizabeth Shamseldin shamseld at email.unc dot edu FBBTRERO1CR
Advil Addicts Cary Tahlia Sutton tahlia.sutton at gmail dot com FBBADVAD1CR
Home Team Pros Charlotte Jessica Keenan jessicakeenan at alumni.wfu dot edu FBBHOMET1CR
Mimosa Club Charlotte Kelly Brunsman kellybrunsman at hotmail dot com FAMIMOS1CR
Team USA Charlotte Heidi Bradbury heidibradbury at hotmail dot com FAATMUSA1CR
Lynnwood Grill Durham Paula Sutton volleypaulas at yahoo dot com FBBLYNWD1CR
Green Card Durham Jamie Spencer jspencer at rhoworld dot com FBBGCARD1CR
Randy's Pizza Durham Jessica Habecker jessica.habecker at duke dot edu FBBRPZZA1CR
Mustangs Durham Jeff Dobert lownranger16 at yahoo dot com FBMSTNG1CR
Pizza Hut/Signature Eden Susan Carter scarter at dot us FBBPHUTS1CR
Spikeopaths Elon Jill Sheets jsheets at wdigc dot com FASPIKO1CR Greensboro Cathee Vielkanowitz notime4cd at yahoo dot com FAOVNET1CR
Pepper Greensboro Cathy Sescourka cesescourka at hotmail dot com FBPEPPR1CR
Chaos High Point Tisha Cox PHarrington1 at triad.rr dot com FACHAOS1CR
Southern Belles High Point Angela Critz adsheets at uncg dot edu FBBSBELL1CR
International Jammers High Point Georgette Crawford-Crooks crawford54 at hotmail dot com FAINTLJ1CR
Vroom Kernersville Pamela Dickenson cplumball at hotmail dot com FAVROOM1CR
Wyld Stallions Mebane Rachele Kaulfers rachelekaulfers at yahoo dot com FBBWYLDS1CR
High Rollers Pinebluff Kendall Harper kendallharper13 at hotmail dot com FBBHRLLR1CR
Las Damas Fuertes Blanca Prospect Hill Christa Badstein badstein at lenovo dot com FBBLASFR2CR
Ya Dig It (ODR) Radford Lisa Dalton WSWVA2OD
Smokin' Aces Raleigh Leigh Blanton ljblanton at gmail dot com FASMACE1CR
Hits and Giggles Raleigh Judy Munson judyann1205 at hotmail dot com FBBGIGGL1CR
Brickhouse Volleyball Raleigh Priscilla Awkard priscilla.awkard at rbc dot com FBBBRCKH1CR
Phoenicopteri Raleigh Anna Schrum arschrum at hotmail dot com FBBPHCOP1CR
KLT Raleigh Kim Roberts kdgoodwi at gmail dot com FBBKLTVB1CR
Spankers Raleigh Magdaline Black magrid at yahoo dot com FBSPNKR1CR
H2O Randleman Linzi Hyatt Linzilu22 at aol dot com FAWATER1CR
Rock Starz (ODR) Roanoke Sherri Agee WBBSWVAC1OD
Ball Breakers (ODR) Roanoke Heather Hunter WBNOKE11OD
99 Problems Salisbury Amanda Hendrix aphendrix at yahoo dot com FBPRBLM1CR
Rowan Salisbury Tricia Hester hesterta at dot us FAROWAN1CR
Viva la Bam Spring Lake Ariana Coleman acoleman297 at yahoo dot com FBVIVAB1CR
Extreme Elevation Spring Lake Jeannette Downer pana2107 at yahoo dot com FBBEXTE1CR
Las Damas Fuertas Rosa Wake Forest Katherine Engler katvolley13 at aol dot com FBBLASFR1CR
Silver Digs Winston-Salem Linda Dague l_dague at hotmail dot com FBBSDIGS1CR
Las Chicas Winston-Salem Beth Alexander balexanderrn at hotmail dot com FBBLASCH1CR