Mar 10, 2018 Tournament (Juniors)

Need 46 courts, have 56 courts available

DivisionTeam CountCourts NeededCourts Available
JR-14-East 64 16
JR-14-West 35 9
JR-15-East 54 14
JR-15-West 26 7
East 118 30 24
Either 6
West 61 16 26

Possible sites

These are the sites which have offered to host for the tournament. Site assignments will depend on entries, and not all sites may be used.

Freedom Courts 2 East Fayetteville
Freedom Courts 2 East Fayetteville
Providence Grove HS 3 Either Climax
North Henderson HS 3 West Hendersonville
Starmount Middle School 2 West Booneville
Martin Gym 2 East Greenville
Martin Gym 2 2 East Greenville
Mt Airy HS 3 West Mt. Airy
Simkins Pavilion/Barber Park 3 Either Greensboro
East Lincoln HS 2 West Denver
East Lincoln HS 2 West Denver
East Surry HS 2 West Pilot Mountain
Competitive Sports 2 West Salisbury
Kerr Vance Academy 2 East Henderson
Select Sportsplex 2 West Hickory
Champion Volleyball Facility 2 West Winston-Salem
Carrboro HS 2 East Carrboro
Smithfield Selma HS and Rec Center (shared parking lot) 3 East Smithfield
Dover Foundation YMCA 2 West Shelby
Ruby C. Hunt YMCA 2 West Shelby
Davie County HS 2 West Mocksville
East Coast Volleyball Academy 2 East Wilmington
NC Coastal Volleyball Club 3 East Wilmington
East Coast Volleyball Academy 2 East Wilmington
Southwestern Randolph HS 2 East Asheboro

Tournament Notes

Additional tournament information (start times, formats, etc.) can be found at the Region Frequently Asked Questions page.

NOTE: Teams listed in RED may be in danger of not getting into the tournament. The system looks at the total number of entries, total courts available in each region (East or West), and the minimum number of teams needed for a pool (3). Using these criteria, the system will list teams in RED that we cannot currently accommodate (based on date of entry). Keep in mind that we will still move teams into other regions or age groups where feasible to accommodate as many teams as possible (this will not happen until after the entry deadline passes and we begin to assign sites), so all teams in red will not necessarily be eliminated from the tournament. However, if you see that we do not have enough courts (see table above) and your team is in RED, it may help your team and the region if you can find additional courts to host that weekend! Any teams which cannot be accommodated will be put on the waiting list when sites are assigned.


Registrations for JR-14-East

64 entries


Registrations for JR-14-West

35 entries


Registrations for JR-15-East

54 entries


Registrations for JR-15-West

26 entries