Feb 13, 2021 Tournament (Juniors) - CANCELED

Need 30 courts, have 0 courts available

DivisionTeam CountCourts NeededCourts Available
JR-12-East 17 6
JR-12-West 15 4
JR-13-East 18 6
JR-13-West 14 4
JR-16-East 19 6
JR-16-West 10 4

Tournament Notes

The Carolina Region has made the difficult and disappointing decision to cancel all one-day CR-sanctioned tournaments for the 2021 season. The state's current COVID status and limited facilities able to host, the Region felt cancelling would remove the scheduling uncertainty for clubs and allow them to find other playing opportunities both in and out of the Region. The safety of all our participants must come first, and we felt it was in the best interest of our state and community to cancel our one day events.


Registrations for JR-12-East

17 entries


Registrations for JR-12-West

15 entries


Registrations for JR-13-East

18 entries


Registrations for JR-13-West

14 entries


Registrations for JR-16-East

19 entries


Registrations for JR-16-West

10 entries