Directory of Volleyball Teams

Use this directory to find a team in your area. Use the arrows in the column headers to sort columns as desired. Use the Search box to quickly filter list to those matching your input.

Note: the email addresses for the club contact have been altered to avoid spam harvesters, so you will have to type them in to your email program replacing the " at " with "@" and " dot " with "." to form a legitimate email address.

city division name first last email code
AlbemarleJR-12-West12-UltraJamieMoore jamie at mooresgrading dot com G12ULTRA1CR
BadinJR-14-West14-UltraJamieKimrey jkimrey.yes at gmail dot com G14ULTRA1CR
AlbemarleJR-15-West15-UltraDaniellaBalducci daniella.balducci at gmail dot com G15ULTRA1CR
NorwoodJR-17-West17 Ultra ChipChristopherCampbell campbellchip at yahoo dot com G17ULTRA2CR
MisenheimerJR-17-West17 Ultra MattieMattieBurris burris.m20 at gmail dot com G17ULTRA1CR
AlbemarleJR-18-West18 UltraTomGray tomfgray89 at gmail dot com G18ULTRA1CR
Southern PinesJR-12-EastACS U12 BlackTaraHartman tanhartman at hotmail dot com G12ACSND1CR
Southern PinesJR-13-EastACS U13 AcademyKatieBradford katieb.2 at hotmail dot com G13ACSND2CR
Southern PinesJR-13-EastACS U13 BlackKayleeLopez ann.kaylee12 at gmail dot com G13ACSND1CR
Southern PinesJR-14-EastACS U14 BlackHeatherAder Heather.ader12 at gmail dot com G14ACSND1CR
Southern PinesJR-15-EastACS U15 BlackScottShepherd pga at frgusa dot com G15ACSND1CR
Southern PinesJR-16-EastACS U16 BlackDennisMcLaughlin dennis_mclaughlin at campbells dot com G16ACSND1CR
Southern PinesJR-17-EastACS U17 BlackBrandonBlackburn bblackburn at ncmcs dot org G17ACSND1CR
Haw RiverJR-12-EastAEVC12BLACKAlarieWatson alarie_watson at dot us G12AEVBC1CR
Haw RiverJR-12-EastAEVC12GREENCandiceThompson cthompson106.ct at gmail dot com G12AEVBC2CR
Haw RiverJR-13-EastAEVC13GREENMeleashaHolt oneset2kill at icloud dot com G13AEVBC1CR
Haw RiverJR-14-EastAEVC14GREENJordanCrabb crabbejordan at gmail dot com G14AEVBC1CR
Haw RiverJR-15-EastAEVC15BLACKCieraThomas cieratimmons at ymail dot com G15AEVBC1CR
Haw RiverJR-15-EastAEVC15GREENKelseyHouser kelsey_houser at dot us G15AEVBC2CR
Haw RiverJR-16-EastAEVC16GREENEmilyWilliams em.moon2 at gmail dot com G16AEVBC1CR
Haw RiverJR-17-EastAEVC17BLACKKellyCook kelly_cook at dot us G17AEVBC1CR
Haw RiverJR-17-EastAEVC17GREENMarlaMcComas marla_mccomas at dot us G17AEVBC2CR
Haw RiverJR-17-EastAEVC17HOLMAND'laineeHolman dlainee at holmanfdc dot com G17AEVBC3CR
HillsboroughJR-13-EastAIM 13 BlackJayHazel Totalblue1992 at gmail dot com G13AIMVB1CR
HillsboroughJR-13-EastAIM 13 BlueJohnWinstead wesleywinstead at yahoo dot com G13AIMVB2CR
HillsboroughJR-14-EastAIM 14sCharlieOakley chzoak at gmail dot com G14AIMVB1CR
HillsboroughJR-15-EastAIM 15sBrianHicks bch at embarqmail dot com G15AIMVB1CR
HillsboroughJR-16-EastAIM 16sHaydenRigsbee hlrigsbee at gmail dot com G16AIMVB1CR
HillsboroughJR-17-EastAIM 17 NationalNancyCates nancycates at aimvolleyball dot com G17AIMVB1CR
Elizabeth CityJR-12-EastARVC 12UCourtneySmith courtney.owney at gmail dot com G12ALBMR1CR
Elizabeth CityJR-12-EastARVC 12U-FuturesJenniferKramer jennifer.kramer at arhs-nc dot org G12ALBMR2CR
Elizabeth CityJR-13-EastARVC 13UAutumnBateman autumnb2017 at gmail dot com G13ALBMR1CR
Elizabeth CityJR-14-EastARVC 14UJohnHurdle jmhurdle at embarqmail dot com G14ALBMR1CR
Elizabeth CityJR-15-EastARVC 15UAdrienneWimmer adriennewimmer2010 at gmail dot com G15ALBMR1CR
Elizabeth CityJR-16-EastARVC 16U BlackJonathanGay jcgay8598 at gmail dot com G16ALBMR2CR
Elizabeth CityJR-16-EastARVC 16U OrangeDelaineTanis dtanis at arhs-nc dot org G16ALBMR1CR
Elizabeth CityJR-17-EastARVC 17UChrisFerretti coach.chrisferretti at gmail dot com G17ALBMR1CR
Elizabeth CityJR-18-EastARVC 18UCaseyKirberger cvk1031 at yahoo dot com G18ALBMR1CR
DurhamJR-12-EastAcademy 12 CrystalLorraineHudak lorraine.hudak at gmail dot com G12NCVBA2CR
DurhamJR-12-EastAcademy 12 DiamondEmilyParrish merice1590 at gmail dot com G12NCVBA1CR
DurhamJR-12-EastAcademy 12 JadeMelissaCornett at gmail dot com G12NCVBA3CR
DurhamJR-13-EastAcademy 13 CrystalNadiyaOmarova omanad13 at yahoo dot com G13NCVBA2CR
DurhamJR-13-EastAcademy 13 DiamondDaphneStam coachstam2319 at gmail dot com G13NCVBA1CR
DurhamJR-13-EastAcademy 13 JadeJillShanahan jillshanahan2010 at gmail dot com G13NCVBA3CR
DurhamJR-14-EastAcademy 14 CrystalRossFields refields88 at gmail dot com G14NCVBA2CR
DurhamJR-14-EastAcademy 14 DiamondCaseyFields caseyrosexo at aim dot com G14NCVBA1CR
DurhamJR-14-EastAcademy 14 JadeShiraWells shirakwells at gmail dot com G14NCVBA3CR
DurhamJR-14-EastAcademy 14 PearlTomYount tyount at bellsouth dot net G14NCVBA4CR
DurhamJR-14-EastAcademy 14 RubyErikHofheinz erik.hofheinz at yahoo dot com G14NCVBA5CR
DurhamJR-15-EastAcademy 15 CrystalBrianBushelow brian.bushelow at gmail dot com G15NCVBA2CR
DurhamJR-15-EastAcademy 15 DiamondKeishaDemps kjdemps at hotmail dot com G15NCVBA1CR
DurhamJR-15-EastAcademy 15 JadeGregHavenstein greghavenstein at gmail dot com G15NCVBA3CR
DurhamJR-15-EastAcademy 15 PearlEricaLenzen ericalenzen95 at gmail dot com G15NCVBA4CR
DurhamJR-15-EastAcademy 15 RubyJoeKolousek jskolousek at gmail dot com G15NCVBA5CR
DurhamJR-15-EastAcademy 15 SapphirePamelaCriswell dst17zq at yahoo dot com G15NCVBA6CR
DurhamJR-16-EastAcademy 16 CrystalBruceCao coachbcao at gmail dot com G16NCVBA2CR
DurhamJR-16-EastAcademy 16 DiamondAndreaBentley at gmail dot com G16NCVBA1CR
DurhamJR-16-EastAcademy 16 JadeKristaMcGivern krista at ncacademyvb dot org G16NCVBA3CR
DurhamJR-16-EastAcademy 16 PearlSpencerReynolds slreynol at gmail dot com G16NCVBA4CR
DurhamJR-16-EastAcademy 16 RubyMonicaRobles-Saenz at gmail dot com G16NCVBA5CR
DurhamJR-17-EastAcademy 17 CrystalTammyChoboy choboy5 at nc.rr dot com G17NCVBA2CR
DurhamJR-17-EastAcademy 17 DiamondJonGarner jonga0308 at yahoo dot com G17NCVBA1CR
DurhamJR-17-EastAcademy 17 JadeCorrinnaSammons sammonsnc at aol dot com G17NCVBA3CR
DurhamJR-17-EastAcademy 17 PearlTaniaStafford taniamstafford at gmail dot com G17NCVBA4CR
DurhamJR-18-EastAcademy 18 CrystalRomelLightbourn romellightbourn at gmail dot com G18NCVBA2CR
DurhamJR-18-EastAcademy 18 DiamondKarlRedelfs khr1987 at gmail dot com G18NCVBA1CR
HillsboroughJR-12-EastAim 12sNancyCates nancycates at aimvolleyball dot com G12AIMVB1CR
TaylorsvilleJR-12-WestAlexander Aces 12u BlackCasseyBenton downopb at gmail dot com G12ALEXA1CR
TaylorsvilleJR-14-WestAlexander Aces 14UGaryJolly gjolly30 at yahoo dot com G14ALEXA1CR
BooneJR-12-WestApp VC 12 BlackRebeccaWoolard rking10 at gmail dot com G12APPVB2CR
BooneJR-12-WestApp VC 12 GoldCaseyGragg gragghouse5 at gmail dot com G12APPVB1CR
BooneJR-13-WestApp VC 13JoeMitchell mitchvb15 at hotmail dot com G13APPVB1CR
BooneJR-14-WestApp VC 14SydneyEdwards Sydneyedwards50 at gmail dot com G14APPVB1CR
BooneJR-15-WestApp VC 15 BlackChloeBaldwin chloe.grace.baldwin at gmail dot com G15APPVB1CR
BooneJR-15-WestApp VC 15 GoldAnn MarieBleakley cooperbleakley at gmail dot com G15APPVB2CR
BooneJR-16-WestApp VC 16Susan ElaineMiller Hemric susanemiller at hotmail dot com G16APPVB1CR
BooneJR-17-WestApp VC 17Susan ElaineMiller Hemric susanemiller at hotmail dot com G17APPVB1CR
West JeffersonJR-12-WestAshe Alliance 11CrystalBlevins crystal.blevins071384 at gmail dot com G11ASHVB1CR
West JeffersonJR-12-WestAshe Alliance 12CierraSawyer Cierrahowell96 at yahoo dot com G12ASHVB1CR
West JeffersonJR-13-WestAshe Alliance 13 BlackHeatherJordan hadquint10 at gmail dot com G13ASHVB2CR
West JeffersonJR-13-WestAshe Alliance 13 BlueLindseyWilliams ljarwilliams at gmail dot com G13ASHVB1CR
West JeffersonJR-14-WestAshe Alliance 14TaniaRollins tania_rollins at yahoo dot com G14ASHVB1CR
West JeffersonJR-16-WestAshe Alliance 16TaniaRollins tania_rollins at yahoo dot com G16ASHVB1CR
ValdeseJR-14-WestBEVC 14 KryptoniteRachelBewick rachelbewick41 at gmail dot com G14BRKEL1CR
ValdeseJR-16-WestBEVC 16 KryptoniteKenKelly cmdrk2 at hotmail dot com G16BRKEL1CR
ValdeseJR-17-WestBEVC 17 KryptoniteAshleyHawkins ashley.hawkins at dot edu G17BRKEL1CR
ValdeseJR-18-WestBEVC 18 KryptoniteHaleyPaonessa haley.paonessa at montreat dot edu G18BRKEL1CR
AshevilleJR-12-WestBVA 12 EliteNeelyBennett neelybennett20 at gmail dot com G12BILTM1CR
AshevilleJR-13-WestBVA 13 EliteJenniferPeterson jmbpeterson at att dot net G13BILTM1CR
AshevilleJR-14-WestBVA 14 EliteCoryGreene cdgetk at gmail dot com G14BILTM1CR
AshevilleJR-15-WestBVA 15 EliteAprilBryson asbryson at hcpsnc dot org G15BILTM1CR
AshevilleJR-16-WestBVA 16 EliteSally AnneJohnson maryjohnson9344 at yahoo dot com G16BILTM1CR
AshevilleJR-17-WestBVA 17 EliteRickBanis vbrules at hotmail dot com G17BILTM1CR
AshevilleJR-18-WestBVA 18KamyaLatson kamyalatson12 at gmail dot com G18BILTM1CR
NewportJR-12-EastBarracuda U12JeremyMcDonald encvolleyball at gmail dot com G12BCUDA1CR
NewportJR-13-EastBarracuda U13 EmmaEmmaHodges emmahodges2021 at gmail dot com G13BCUDA2CR
NewportJR-13-EastBarracuda U13 KaylaKaylaBattow encvolleyball at gmail dot com G13BCUDA1CR
NewportJR-14-EastBarracuda U14 DonaldDonaldJoyner donald.joyner at carteretk12 dot org G14BCUDA1CR
NewportJR-15-EastBarracuda U15 PatPatMorgante morgante4 at embarqmail dot com G15BCUDA1CR
NewportJR-16-EastBarracuda U16 JamesJamesLeslie jaydeeus13y at yahoo dot com G16BCUDA1CR
High PointJR-12-EastBeach South 12 RedRandySmith volleybdj at gmail dot com G12BCHST1CR
High PointJR-14-EastBeach South 14 BlackHollandHarris hollandharris222 at gmail dot com G14BCHST1CR
High PointJR-14-EastBeach South 14 RedBrandyJohnson brandyj277 at gmail dot com G14BCHST2CR
High PointJR-15-EastBeach South 15 BlackDanBozarth beachsouthvb23 at gmail dot com G15BCHST1CR
High PointJR-16-EastBeach South 16 BlackEthanMoore ethanmoore_3 at outlook dot com G16BCHST1CR
High PointJR-16-EastBeach South 16 RedAshleyPrince iamprince87 at gmail dot com G16BCHST2CR
High PointJR-18-EastBeach South 18 RedShannonBullion bullion_2003 at hotmail dot com G18BCHST1CR
ShelbyJR-12-WestBlitz 12CindySanders cindyrobbs at yahoo dot com G12CLEBL1CR
ShelbyJR-14-WestBlitz 14 BlackHeidiBuckton wearesixbucks at gmail dot com G14CLEBL1CR
ShelbyJR-14-WestBlitz 14 RedKennyHouston khouston5 at hotmail dot com G14CLEBL2CR
ShelbyJR-16-WestBlitz 16RichardAnderson raanderson at pandpinc dot com G16CLEBL1CR
ShelbyJR-17-WestBlitz 17KellyBuckton 45kellybucks at gmail dot com G17CLEBL1CR
LouisburgJR-13-EastBunn VBCTimothyEdwards tedwards101 at nc.rr dot com G13BUNNV1CR
Wake ForestJR-13-EastCE U13 TitaniumLucyConley lucyconley98 at gmail dot com G13CEXPL1CR
Wake ForestJR-14-EastCE U14 PlatinumJessicaFurlough jfurlough1 at hotmail dot com G14CEXPL1CR
Wake ForestJR-15-EastCE U15 TitaniumAlexisHollis amhollis525 at gmail dot com G15CEXPL1CR
Wake ForestJR-17-EastCE U17 TitaniumMarcieHolden marcie.holden at sas dot com G17CEXPL1CR
FayettevilleJR-16-EastCEVC 16GregMiller bestbuygregmiller at yahoo dot com G16CEVOL1CR
FayettevilleJR-18-EastCEVC 18BrianaKelly brianamarie562 at gmail dot com G18CEVOL1CR
Chapel HillJR-12-EastCHAVC 11 BlackUrsulaValgus uvalgus at gmail dot com G11CHAVB1CR
Chapel HillJR-12-EastCHAVC 12 BlackJamiePilley jamie.k.pilley at gmail dot com G12CHAVB1CR
Chapel HillJR-13-EastCHAVC 13 BlackLindaLang llvolleymom at bellsouth dot net G13CHAVB1CR
Chapel HillJR-13-EastCHAVC 13 PurpleAmeliaWoodall ameliawoodall0 at gmail dot com G13CHAVB2CR
Chapel HillJR-14-EastCHAVC 14 BlackMaredithDevlin maredevlin at gmail dot com G14CHAVB1CR
Chapel HillJR-14-EastCHAVC 14 PurpleGeorgeSkenteris gcskente at ncsu dot edu G14CHAVB2CR
Chapel HillJR-15-EastCHAVC 15 BlackTaylorLeath teleath at hotmail dot com G15CHAVB1CR
Chapel HillJR-15-EastCHAVC 15 GoldAshleyMuench ashleymuench3 at gmail dot com G15CHAVB3CR
Chapel HillJR-15-EastCHAVC 15 PurpleAshleyShade ashleyshadecpt at gmail dot com G15CHAVB2CR
Chapel HillJR-15-EastCHAVC 15 SilverMadiEvans madievans226 at gmail dot com G15CHAVB4CR
Chapel HillJR-16-EastCHAVC 16 BlackTatianaJackson tatianadurr46 at yahoo dot com G16CHAVB1CR
Chapel HillJR-16-EastCHAVC 16 PurpleRaquelRooney rmrooney6 at gmail dot com G16CHAVB2CR
CharlotteJR-12-WestCJV 12 BrookBrookHammers Brook at carolinajuniors dot com G12CJVVB1CR
CharlotteJR-12-WestCJV 12 JoJoMeewes jo.meewes at gmail dot com G12CJVVB2CR
CharlotteJR-12-WestCJV 12 KaleighKaleighKelley kaleigh.kelley4 at gmail dot com G12CJVVB3CR
CharlotteJR-13-WestCJV 13 BillBillShook bills211211 at gmail dot com G13CJVVB5CR
CharlotteJR-13-WestCJV 13 DuaneDuaneLinnens duanelinnens at yahoo dot com G13CJVVB1CR
CharlotteJR-13-WestCJV 13 JanaJanaEatman janaeatman at gmail dot com G13CJVVB3CR
CharlotteJR-13-WestCJV 13 OliviaOliviaHopkins ohopkins at carolina.rr dot com G13CJVVB2CR
CharlotteJR-13-WestCJV 13 StacyStacykeller vbcoachkellers at gmail dot com G13CJVVB4CR
CharlotteJR-14-WestCJV 14 GHumbertoGuevara humberto.guevara at gmail dot com G14CJVVB4CR
CharlotteJR-14-WestCJV 14 HeatherHeatherPasour heather.pasour at gmail dot com G14CJVVB2CR
CharlotteJR-14-WestCJV 14 KimKimJackson kimjackson3207 at yahoo dot com G14CJVVB1CR
CharlotteJR-14-WestCJV 14 KristenKristenViegelmann Kmviegelmann at gmail dot com G14CJVVB6CR
CharlotteJR-14-WestCJV 14 LindsayLindsayEllis ljellis at clevelandcountyschools dot org G14CJVVB5CR
CharlotteJR-14-WestCJV 14 MadisonMadisonThayer mthayer5 at uncc dot edu G14CJVVB3CR
CharlotteJR-14-WestCJV 14 TaylorTaylorHein taylorhein2018 at gmail dot com G14CJVVB7CR
CharlotteJR-15-WestCJV 15 AdelineAdelineHowell ahowel33 at uncc dot edu G15CJVVB6CR
CharlotteJR-15-WestCJV 15 AnnaAnnaMoore anafelice04 at gmail dot com G15CJVVB1CR
CharlotteJR-15-WestCJV 15 BreannaSheilaWalsh breanna.cary at gmail dot com G15CJVVB2CR
CharlotteJR-15-WestCJV 15 BriannaBriannaWeitz brianna.weitz at dot us G15CJVVB5CR
CharlotteJR-15-WestCJV 15 DanielleDanielleKiser kiserdanielle at yahoo dot com G15CJVVB10CR
CharlotteJR-15-WestCJV 15 EdEdMcGarr edwardmcgarrii at gmail dot com G15CJVVB4CR
CharlotteJR-15-WestCJV 15 EmmaEmmaMurphey emurphy15 at su dot edu G15CJVVB8CR
CharlotteJR-15-WestCJV 15 LewisLewisWilliamson lewish45 at gmail dot com G15CJVVB3CR
CharlotteJR-15-WestCJV 15 MorganMorganRichburg richburgm3 at mailbox.winthrop dot edu G15CJVVB9CR
CharlotteJR-15-WestCJV 15 TonyTonyScott tjgscott at gmail dot com G15CJVVB7CR
CharlotteJR-16-WestCJV 16 AdamAdamCarmen adamcarmen77 at gmail dot com G16CJVVB3CR
CharlotteJR-16-WestCJV 16 AlexalexViera alex.viera at outlook dot com G16CJVVB2CR
CharlotteJR-16-WestCJV 16 AlexanderAlexanderSchinzing alexander at carolinajuniors dot com G16CJVVB1CR
CharlotteJR-16-WestCJV 16 Amanda SAmandaScott scottfam94 at gmail dot com G16CJVVB5CR
CharlotteJR-16-WestCJV 16 Amanda VAmandaValbert avalbert122 at gmail dot com G16CJVVB7CR
CharlotteJR-16-WestCJV 16 JennaJennaSmith jdsmith0105 at gmail dot com G16CJVVB6CR
CharlotteJR-16-WestCJV 16 MauraMauraYarbrough maura_yarbrough at yahoo dot com G16CJVVB8CR
CharlotteJR-16-WestCJV 16 ThomasThomasDeBruyne thebox41 at gmail dot com G16CJVVB4CR
CharlotteJR-17-WestCJV 17 HunterHunterMoxley hhhmoxley at yahoo dot com G17CJVVB2CR
CharlotteJR-17-WestCJV 17 JordanJordanTaylor jewallace96 at gmail dot com G17CJVVB5CR
CharlotteJR-17-WestCJV 17 SamSamKurtzke skurtzke at concordia-ny dot edu G17CJVVB4CR
CharlotteJR-17-WestCJV 17 Semi NationalSheilaWalsh office at carolinajuniors dot com G17CJVVB6CR
CharlotteJR-17-WestCJV 17 VanessaVanessColon vanessajcolon at gmail dot com G17CJVVB3CR
CharlotteJR-17-WestCJV 17 ZoeSheilaWalsh zoebell59 at gmail dot com G17CJVVB1CR
CharlotteJR-18-WestCJV 18 RalphRalphViegelmann coachralphv at gmail dot com G18CJVVB1CR
CharlotteJR-18-WestCJV 18 VeronicaVeronicaElfe elfe.viera517 at yahoo dot com G18CJVVB2CR
YoungsvilleJR-13-EastCLVC 13-BlackAmandaGill a.c.simm08 at gmail dot com G13LGACY1CR
YoungsvilleJR-15-EastCLVC 15-BlackJenniferHerring jenniferfiliadei at gmail dot com G15LGACY1CR
YoungsvilleJR-15-EastCLVC 15-RedAshleyShaw carolinalegacyvb.ashley at gmail dot com G15LGACY2CR
YoungsvilleJR-16-EastCLVC 16-BlackThomasSpeier tspeier at gmail dot com G16LGACY1CR
YoungsvilleJR-17-EastCLVC 17-BlackMeaganSmith imeagansmith at yahoo dot com G17LGACY1CR
YoungsvilleJR-18-EastCLVC 18-WhiteChristyFitzgerald carolinalegacyvb.director at outlook dot com G18LGACY1CR
GreensboroJR-12-EastCSF 12 TealJamieGoubeaux stancliff06 at gmail dot com G12CSPKF1CR
GreensboroJR-13-EastCSF 13 BlackMeadowHelmer meadowrose088 at gmail dot com G13CSPKF2CR
GreensboroJR-13-EastCSF 13 LegacyCallieShannon callie.vivian5 at gmail dot com G13CSPKF1CR
GreensboroJR-13-EastCSF 13 TealEddieDube eddie.n.dube at gmail dot com G13CSPKF3CR
GreensboroJR-14-EastCSF 14 BlackHeatherSorrell hsorrell0508 at yahoo dot com G14CSPKF2CR
GreensoborJR-14-EastCSF 14 LegacyKateLopez kate.lopez511 at gmail dot com G14CSPKF1CR
GreensboroJR-14-EastCSF 14 TealBethGuest beth.guest at ralphlauren dot com G14CSPKF3CR
KernersvilleJR-15-EastCSF 15 LegacyLaurenWatson lagwatson at gmail dot com G15CSPKF1CR
GreensboroJR-16-EastCSF 16 BlackReginaRitter reginaritter94 at yahoo dot com G16CSPKF2CR
GreensboroJR-16-EastCSF 16 Black OnyxCathySescourka cathy.sescourka at ymcagreensboro dot org G16CSPKF3CR
GreensboroJR-16-EastCSF 16 LegacyPamelaHarper pamelaharperrealtor at gmail dot com G16CSPKF1CR
GreensboroJR-17-EastCSF 17 LegacyJeffreyMei jefmei88 at gmail dot com G17CSPKF1CR
CharlotteJR-12-WestCUVC 12 PremierCadieBates cadiebates10 at aol dot com G12CARUN1CR
CharlotteJR-13-WestCUVC 13 BlueBlairAtlkinson beatkinson14 at yahoo dot com G13CARUN2CR
CharlotteJR-13-WestCUVC 13 OrangeSarahWilladsen sarah.willadsen123 at gmail dot com G13CARUN3CR
CharlotteJR-13-WestCUVC 13 PremierMaddieSpurgeon mdspurgeon7 at gmail dot com G13CARUN1CR
CharlotteJR-14-WestCUVC 14 BlueKatherineFulton cfulton at davidsonday dot org G14CARUN2CR
CharlotteBoys-14CUVC 14 BoysJamesHartley james.hartley at princeton dot edu B14CARUN1CR
CharlotteJR-14-WestCUVC 14 GrayJamesWilde jbwilde458 at gmail dot com G14CARUN6CR
CharlotteJR-14-WestCUVC 14 ITKatherineIrvin katherineirvin1 at gmail dot com G14CARUN5CR
CharlotteJR-14-WestCUVC 14 OrangeErinKayton er.kayton at wingate dot edu G14CARUN3CR
CharlotteJR-14-WestCUVC 14 PremierJoseRivera jose.rivera2143 at gmail dot com G14CARUN1CR
CharlotteJR-14-WestCUVC 14 WhiteRobertStout rfs13b at my.fsu dot edu G14CARUN4CR
CharlotteJR-15-WestCUVC 15 BlueErinWilliams eawilliams17 at gmail dot com G15CARUN2CR
CharlotteJR-15-WestCUVC 15 CCKyndallWann wann.kyndall at gmail dot com G15CARUN9CR
CharlotteJR-15-WestCUVC 15 GrayReganBell regan.bell at dot us G15CARUN5CR
CharlotteJR-15-WestCUVC 15 OrangeSarahWeavil sweavil1 at uncc dot edu G15CARUN3CR
CharlotteJR-15-WestCUVC 15 PremierHeatherGearhart heather at gearhart dot org G15CARUN1CR
CharlotteJR-15-WestCUVC 15 SilverAmandaRudnik rudnik.amanda at gmail dot com G15CARUN7CR
CharlotteJR-15-WestCUVC 15 WhiteDanielleWilliams daniellewilliams2212 at gmail dot com G15CARUN4CR
CharlotteJR-15-WestCUVC 15-1 ITKathyDixie kadixie123 at gmail dot com G15CARUN6CR
CharlotteJR-15-WestCUVC 15-2 ITMaryEllieCarpenter maryelliecarpenter at gmail dot com G15CARUN8CR
CharlotteJR-16-WestCUVC 16 BlueBrittanyNorthcutt brittanysimone7 at gmail dot com G16CARUN2CR
CharlotteJR-16-WestCUVC 16 GrayAnneMarieCollins annmariej0425 at gmail dot com G16CARUN5CR
CharlotteJR-16-WestCUVC 16 OrangeLindaWalters jammer9495 at hotmail dot com G16CARUN3CR
CharlotteJR-16-WestCUVC 16 PremierAbbiHayes abbi.hayes at carolinauvc dot com G16CARUN1CR
CharlotteJR-16-WestCUVC 16 WhiteEuniceMaynard emaynard92 at gmail dot com G16CARUN4CR
CharlotteJR-16-WestCUVC 16-1 ITHannahElmore hannahpe14 at gmail dot com G16CARUN6CR
CharlotteJR-16-WestCUVC 16-2 ITMichaelaWhite whiteme13 at yahoo dot com G16CARUN7CR
CharlotteJR-17-WestCUVC 17 BlueLisaRiggsbee lisariggsbee at gmail dot com G17CARUN2CR
CharlotteBoys-18CUVC 17 BoysThomasPhilbin tphilbin at live dot com B17CARUN1CR
CharlotteJR-17-WestCUVC 17 CCJohnBlas jmblas1 at carolina.rr dot com G17CARUN6CR
CharlotteJR-17-WestCUVC 17 ITGabrielaGarcia gabym.garcia7 at gmail dot com G17CARUN7CR
CharlotteJR-17-WestCUVC 17 OrangeJimSeidel coachjimvb at gmail dot com G17CARUN3CR
CharlotteJR-17-WestCUVC 17 PremierWilliamFerguson coahbillferg at gmail dot com G17CARUN1CR
CharlotteJR-17-WestCUVC 17-1 TLCarriePowell carrie.powell at carolinauvc dot com G17CARUN4CR
CharlotteJR-17-WestCUVC 17-2 TLCallieHuggins cwhuggins52 at gmail dot com G17CARUN5CR
CharlotteJR-18-WestCUVC 18 BlueJonLowenhagen jonathan.lowenhagen at gmail dot com G18CARUN2CR
CharlotteBoys-18CUVC 18 BoysWilliamFerguson coachbillferg at gmail dot com B18CARUN1CR
CharlotteJR-18-WestCUVC 18 OrangeCarriePowell carrie.powell at carolinauvc dot com G18CARUN3CR
charlotteJR-18-WestCUVC 18 PremierJohnBrannon john.brannon at carolinauvc dot com G18CARUN1CR
CharlotteJR-18-WestCUVC 18-1 TLTracyLandschoot tracylandschoot at gmail dot com G18CARUN4CR
CharlotteJR-18-WestCUVC 18-2 TLStephanieSchrock stephschrock at yahoo dot com G18CARUN5CR
LenoirJR-13-WestCaldwell County Storm 13uAnnAllen threewonderfulkids at gmail dot com G13CLDWL1CR
LenoirJR-16-WestCaldwell County Storm 16uBeverlySturgill beverlysturgill555 at yahoo dot com G16CLDWL1CR
LenoirJR-18-WestCaldwell County Storm 18uAnnAllen threewonderfulkids at gmail dot com G18CLDWL1CR
RaleighJR-14-EastCarolina CHAOS 14 RoyalHaleyLivers hlivers0 at gmail dot com G14CRCHV1CR
RaleighJR-16-EastCarolina CHAOS 16 RoyalBrandonLuangrath luangrathb at gmail dot com G16CRCHV1CR
RaleighJR-17-EastCarolina CHAOS 17 BlackElizabethPattison elizabethrpattison at gmail dot com G17CRCHV2CR
RaleighJR-17-EastCarolina CHAOS 17 RoyalAbbyHooker carolinachaosvball at gmail dot com G17CRCHV1CR
RAleighJR-18-EastCarolina CHAOS 18 BlackNickShirley nmshirle at ncsu dot edu G18CRCHV2CR
RaleighJR-18-EastCarolina CHAOS 18 RoyalTreyVestal tvestal13 at outlook dot com G18CRCHV1CR
MorrisvilleJR-14-EastCarolina Edge 14MaureenCelentano mecelent at ncsu dot edu G14EDGVB1CR
MorrisvilleJR-15-EastCarolina Edge 15LaurenJanok laurenjanok at gmail dot com G15EDGVB1CR
MorrisvilleJR-16-EastCarolina Edge 16JailynnButler butlerjailynn at gmail dot com G16EDGVB1CR
MorrisvilleJR-16-EastCarolina Edge 16 GreyAbigailVacha Vachaabby at gmail dot com G16EDGVB2CR
MorrisvilleJR-16-EastCarolina Edge 16 NavyTylerHunter Tylerhunter84 at gmail dot com G16EDGVB3CR
MorrisvilleJR-17-EastCarolina Edge 17EmilyAdney emilyadney at gmail dot com G17EDGVB1CR
MorrisvilleJR-17-EastCarolina Edge 17U GreyPaigePhillips paigephillips44 at gmail dot com G17EDGVB2CR
MorrisvilleJR-18-EastCarolina Edge 18MeganPaulk megarren at ncsu dot edu G18EDGVB1CR
WIlsonJR-15-EastCarolina Lightning 15USteveJohnson sjohnson at eastern-electric dot com G15CLGHT1CR
HickoryJR-13-WestCarolina Select 13U EliteTerriFulbright tferber0105 at hotmail dot com G13CSLCT1CR
HickoryJR-13-WestCarolina Select 13U LocalHaydenHuffman hayhuff at alumni.unc dot edu G13CSLCT3CR
HickoryJR-13-WestCarolina Select 13U RegionalShadaePerry perry.shadae at yahoo dot com G13CSLCT2CR
HickoryJR-14-WestCarolina Select 14U EliteCarsonGodfrey cargod1992 at gmail dot com G14CSLCT1CR
HickoryJR-14-WestCarolina Select 14U RegionalAlexisBarr alexis.barr57 at gmail dot com G14CSLCT2CR
HickoryJR-15-WestCarolina Select 15U EliteTiffanyBrooks tiffany3brooks at gmail dot com G15CSLCT1CR
HickoryJR-15-WestCarolina Select 15U RegionalBrookeFalowski brooke.falowski at gmail dot com G15CSLCT2CR
HickoryJR-16-WestCarolina Select 16U EliteChrisWinkler winklerch at hickoryschools dot net G16CSLCT1CR
HickoryJR-16-WestCarolina Select 16U RegionalKylerAbernathy kylera691 at gmail dot com G16CSLCT2CR
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BensonJR-13-EastCarolina Shockwave 13 UJadaBuckanon tanfaulk at gmail dot com G13SHOCK1CR
BensonJR-14-EastCarolina Shockwave 14 RedArlandaFaulkner afaulkn8 at eagles.nccu dot edu G14SHOCK1CR
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BensonJR-16-EastCarolina Shockwave 16 RedChrisSchwarting crschwarting at gmail dot com G16SHOCK1CR
BensonJR-17-EastCarolina Shockwave 17 EliteErickaCharleston ericka.charleston at gmail dot com G17SHOCK1CR
BensonJR-18-EastCarolina Shockwave 18 EliteTangelaFaulkner tanfaulk at gmail dot com G18SHOCK1CR
LaurinburgJR-15-EastCarolina SlammersMartyWright wrighths at bellsouth dot net G15CSLMR1CR
PelhamJR-14-EastCaswell ChaosRuthMiller rmiller at dot us G14CASWL1CR
HickoryJR-14-WestCatawba Chargers 14uChloeHuffman chloemhuffman at gmail dot com G14CTWBA1CR
HickoryJR-15-WestCatawba Chargers 15uAmberHoward amrhoward at gmail dot com G15CTWBA1CR
HickoryJR-17-WestCatawba Chargers 17uBradFurr bradfurr at bellsouth dot net G17CTWBA1CR
Winston-SalemJR-12-WestChampion 12 BlackDougBalser dbalser1714 at gmail dot com G12CHMPV2CR
Winston-SalemJR-12-WestChampion 12 PurpleGloriaChalmers ballcoach11 at gmail dot com G12CHMPV1CR
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Mount AiryJR-13-WestChampion 13 Surry PurpleKaylaBowers qualityk9cuisine at yahoo dot com G13CHMPV4CR
Winston-SalemJR-13-WestChampion 13 WhiteYtaeCobb ytaecobb at yahoo dot com G13CHMPV3CR
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Winston-SalemJR-14-WestChampion 14 SilverDeondraCherry dcherry7310 at gmail dot com G14CHMPV7CR
Mount AiryJR-14-WestChampion 14 SurryGrayceGoins ggoins0547 at gmail dot com G14CHMPV6CR
Winston-SalemJR-14-WestChampion 14 WhiteMacyNelson macytaylor627 at gmail dot com G14CHMPV5CR
Winston-SalemJR-14-WestChampion 14 Zonal-AshleyAshleyHicks abhicks2012 at gmail dot com G14CHMPV1CR
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Winston-SalemJR-15-WestChampion 15 BlackAmyBalthis amybalthis at yahoo dot com G15CHMPV5CR
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Winston-SalemJR-16-WestChampion 16 BlackBrookeSnow brooklyn.snow at salem dot edu G16CHMPV5CR
Winston-SalemJR-16-WestChampion 16 NationalEmilyBingham emilyjenningsbingham at gmail dot com G16CHMPV1CR
Winston-SalemJR-16-WestChampion 16 PurpleBayleyRobinson baylaay11 at gmail dot com G16CHMPV4CR
Winston-SalemJR-16-WestChampion 16 WhiteNikitaSizemore sizemore.nikki7 at gmail dot com G16CHMPV6CR
Winston-SalemJR-16-WestChampion 16 Zonal-AustinAustinSunter austinsunter at gmail dot com G16CHMPV3CR
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Winston-SalemJR-17-WestChampion 17 BlackJoeAmes j_ames at uncg dot edu G17CHMPV5CR
Winston-SalemJR-17-WestChampion 17 National-AlexisAlexisIvey alexis.ivey at greensboro dot edu G17CHMPV1CR
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Winston-SalemJR-17-WestChampion 17 ZonalTammyVander Lugt tlvanderlugt at gmail dot com G17CHMPV3CR
Winston-SalemJR-18-WestChampion 18 NationalChuckMorris c.h.morris9 at gmail dot com G18CHMPV1CR
Winston-SalemJR-18-WestChampion 18 ZonalScotFreeman scot.champion at tntwarehouse dot com G18CHMPV2CR
ShelbyJR-12-WestChaos 12JamieWilson jamiewilson at clevelandcountyschools dot org G12CLVCH1CR
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ShelbyJR-15-WestChaos 15Anna KateWarlick annawarlick1 at gmail dot com G15CLVCH1CR
HillsboroughJR-18-EastD.O.V.E. 18'sHopeHeverly dovevolleyball at hotmail dot com G18DOVEJ1CR
BeulavilleJR-16-EastDCVB Elite 16uSusanMiller-Raynor susanmillerraynor at gmail dot com G16DCVBE1CR
GreenvilleJR-12-EastECJVC 12 RegionalPattieMills pattiemills at gmail dot com G12ECJVC2CR
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GreenvilleJR-13-EastECJVC 13 NationalAngieRhodes angierhodes2128 at gmail dot com G13ECJVC1CR
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GreenvilleJR-15-EastECJVC 15 RegionalKelleyKrainiak kelley.krainiak at eastcarolinajvc dot com G15ECJVC4CR
GreenvilleJR-15-EastECJVC 15 SelectEricaMorris ericamorrisod at yahoo dot com G15ECJVC3CR
GreenvilleJR-16-EastECJVC 16 NationalKelleyKrainiak kelley.krainiak at eastcarolinajvc dot com G16ECJVC1CR
GreenvilleJR-16-EastECJVC 16 PremierHeatherDavenport savannah1103 at yahoo dot com G16ECJVC2CR
GreenvilleJR-16-EastECJVC 16 SelectEvelynJenkins brittanymomma at gmail dot com G16ECJVC3CR
GreenvilleJR-17-EastECJVC 17 NationalMonicaCarlson monicabraycarlson at gmail dot com G17ECJVC1CR
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GreenvilleJR-18-EastECJVC 18 SelectCliffCoffey coffeypot at hotmail dot com G18ECJVC2CR
WilmingtonJR-12-EastECVBA Smack 12 BlackJessicaTurner turner.jess425 at gmail dot com G12ECVBA2CR
WilmingtonJR-12-EastECVBA Smack 12 TealEllyCosgrove Cosgroveelly at gmail dot com G12ECVBA1CR
WilmingtonJR-13-EastECVBA Smack 13 BlackJordanSholar jsholar34 at gmail dot com G13ECVBA2CR
WilmingtonJR-13-EastECVBA Smack 13 TealLaurenBurke laurenR.Burke at gmail dot com G13ECVBA1CR
WilmingtonJR-14-EastECVBA Smack 14 BlackJasmineWilliams williams.je6 at gmail dot com G14ECVBA2CR
WilmingtonJR-14-EastECVBA Smack 14 TealRalphHogan jhogan at bcswan dot net G14ECVBA1CR
WilmingtonJR-15-EastECVBA Smack 15 BlackCaliWatson caliwatson14 at gmail dot com G15ECVBA2CR
WilmingtonJR-15-EastECVBA Smack 15 TealColbyRosser acmangum9 at gmail dot com G15ECVBA1CR
WilmingtonJR-15-EastECVBA Smack 15 WhiteMelissaCrichton crichtonm2 at gmail dot com G15ECVBA3CR
WilmingtonJR-16-EastECVBA Smack 16 BlackLaurenRyals lmr7459 at gmail dot com G16ECVBA2CR
WilmingtonJR-16-EastECVBA Smack 16 TealBrittaniJefferson brittani at eastcoastvba dot com G16ECVBA1CR
WilmingtonJR-16-EastECVBA Smack 16 WhiteJenniferShirley jennifer.shirley10 at gmail dot com G16ECVBA3CR
WilmingtonJR-17-EastECVBA Smack 17 TealAnnaDavidson annadavidson1109 at yahoo dot com G17ECVBA1CR
WilmingtonJR-18-EastECVBA Smack 18 TealKristinBoyd boydka23 at yahoo dot com G18ECVBA1CR
DenverJR-13-WestEDVC 13U Dev/RegionalMeganMorrison meganelizmorrison at gmail dot com G13EDNVR2CR
DenverJR-13-WestEDVC 13U Regional PlusAlexiaScott alexia.f.scott at wellsfargo dot com G13EDNVR1CR
DenverJR-15-WestEDVC 15U Travel PlusEmilyBullock bullockemily99 at gmail dot com G15EDNVR1CR
DenverJR-16-WestEDVC 16U Travel EliteShaneSellers shanes at me dot com G16EDNVR1CR
DenverJR-18-WestEDVC 18U Travel EliteCathyRogers crhorses11 at yahoo dot com G18EDNVR1CR
GoldsboroJR-14-EastEastern Elite 14 BlackEllenMorgan volleyellen at icloud dot com G14EELTE1CR
GoldsboroJR-15-EastEastern Elite 15 BlackDawnNorris dnorrisrn at yahoo dot com G15EELTE1CR
GoldsboroJR-16-EastEastern Elite 16 BlackBrookeNorris brookenorris15 at gmail dot com G16EELTE1CR
GoldsboroJR-18-EastEastern Elite 18 BlackTimothy "TJ"Lancaster tjlancaster at wcps dot org G18EELTE1CR
FayettevilleJR-14-EastEastside Aces 14uAlisaWilliams astovall1999 at gmail dot com G14ESIDE1CR
FayetevilleJR-13-EastEastside Boom 13uJordanTew jordantew97 at gmail dot com G13ESIDE2CR
FayettevilleJR-14-EastEastside Chaos 14uToniTuttle toni.amanda91 at gmail dot com G14ESIDE2CR
FayettevilleJR-15-EastEastside Elite 15uWillSimmons will at webbcarpet dot net G15ESIDE2CR
FayetevilleJR-13-EastEastside Explosion 13uKatelynnWilliams katelynnwilliams1505 at yahoo dot com G13ESIDE3CR
FayettevilleJR-15-EastEastside Extreme 15uAshleyBaird ashboyd98 at gmail dot com G15ESIDE1CR
FayettevilleJR-16-EastEastside Force 16uBrookeRaub sew_blessed2011 at yahoo dot com G16ESIDE2CR
FayettevilleJR-12-EastEastside Fury 11uKatieRoss kathleenross at dot us G11ESIDE1CR
FayettevilleJR-15-EastEastside Gold 15uLisaHulon lisafmb at gmail dot com G15ESIDE3CR
FayetevilleJR-18-EastEastside Hokies 18uNickSpichiger nickspish at gmail dot com G18ESIDE1CR
FayettevilleJR-13-EastEastside Hurricanes 13uKaliCarter kalicarter369 at yahoo dot com G13ESIDE4CR
FayettevilleJR-17-EastEastside Ice 17uBriannaWheeler bri.wheeler0925 at gmail dot com G17ESIDE2CR
FayettevilleJR-17-EastEastside Magic 17uDannySealy dannysealy1980 at gmail dot com G17ESIDE1CR
FayettevilleJR-12-EastEastside Storm 12uBryanHolliday doc42holliday at yahoo dot com G12ESIDE1CR
FayetevilleJR-16-EastEastside Venom 16uJohnWest fay640 at yahoo dot com G16ESIDE1CR
FayettevilleJR-13-EastEastside Xtreme 13uStevenGodbold jackiegodbold at gmail dot com G13ESIDE1CR
LouisburgJR-13-EastFC Firecrackers 13 WhiteRandyPeirce rpeirce at sdcdelivery dot com G13FCVBC1CR
LouisburgJR-14-EastFC Firecrackers 14 BlueRachelSzczepanski rachelszczepanski at gmail dot com G14FCVBC1CR
LouisburgJR-15-EastFC Firecrackers 15 BlackPamVanVlack pjvanvlack at gmail dot com G15FCVBC1CR
LouisburgJR-15-EastFC Firecrackers 15 BlueLisaMills lisamills at embarqmail dot com G15FCVBC2CR
LouisburgJR-16-EastFC Firecrackers 16 BlackKimThomas kathomas69 at msn dot com G16FCVBC1CR
LouisburgJR-16-EastFC Firecrackers 16 WhiteJulieMcGahy juliemcgahy at gmail dot com G16FCVBC2CR
LouisburgJR-17-EastFC Firecrackers 17 BlackLenoreMcGahy zarsgirls at gmail dot com G17FCVBC1CR
LouisburgJR-18-EastFC Firecrackers 18 BlackSarahHutchins hutchinsc at earthlink dot net G18FCVBC1CR
LouisburgJR-18-EastFC Firecrackers 18 BlueSusanHarris frazierjacob at yahoo dot com G18FCVBC2CR
HickoryJR-12-WestFCA Force 12'sAdairMelton mamelton1227 at icloud dot com G12FCAFT1CR
HickoryJR-13-WestFCA Force 13'sJasonStephens jastephens03 at yahoo dot com G13FCAFT1CR
HickoryJR-14-WestFCA Force 14'sOliviaRamsey oliviaramsey78 at gmail dot com G14FCAFT1CR
HickoryJR-15-WestFCA Force 15 BlueKatelynHouser katehouser83 at yahoo dot com G15FCAFT1CR
HickoryJR-15-WestFCA Force 15 RedLizaSipe liza.j.sipe at gmail dot com G15FCAFT2CR
HickoryJR-16-WestFCA Force 16'sShaneMotley foothillsmortgage at charter dot net G16FCAFT1CR
HickoryJR-17-WestFCA Force 17'sShannonHudson shannon.hudson at lr dot edu G17FCAFT1CR
HickoryJR-18-WestFCA Force 18'sShawnPogue madison.pogue at gmail dot com G18FCAFT1CR
FayettevilleJR-15-EastFayetteville Storm 15'sKirkHanton Faystormbvbc at gmail dot com G15FSTRM1CR
FayettevilleJR-17-EastFayetteville Storm 17'sKirkHanton Faystormbvbc at gmail dot com G17FSTRM1CR
FayettevilleJR-18-EastFayetteville Storm 18'sKirkHanton faystormvbc at gmail dot com G18FSTRM1CR
ValdeseJR-13-WestFoothills Phoenix 13UGeorgiaGoulding georgiagoulding7 at gmail dot com G13FTPHX1CR
ValdeseJR-15-WestFoothills Phoenix 15UPhoebeLivingston pl102997 at gmail dot com G15FTPHX1CR
ValdeseJR-16-WestFoothills Phoenix 16ULeslieLeonard leslie_leonard24 at yahoo dot com G16FTPHX1CR
ValdeseJR-18-WestFoothills Phoenix 18UJamieWard jamiesward at gmail dot com G18FTPHX1CR
BurlingtonJR-13-EastFusion 13 NavyJessicaWalkee jessicawalker421 at yahoo dot com G13FUSNV1CR
BurlingtonJR-14-EastFusion 14 RedKatieScott katlynbscott at gmail dot com G14FUSNV1CR
BurlingtonJR-14-EastFusion 14 SilverHaileyStout hailey.stout at greensboro dot edu G14FUSNV2CR
BurlingtonJR-16-EastFusion 16 RedKatieScott katlynbscott at gmail dot com G16FUSNV1CR
BurlingtonJR-16-EastFusion 16 SilverHannahStout hannah.stout.volleyball at gmail dot com G16FUSNV2CR
BurlingtonJR-18-EastFusion 18 RedFrankMotondo fmotondo at yahoo dot com G18FUSNV1CR
HendersonJR-18-EastGVC - CrushersStephanieHedgepeth sbohannon1975 at gmail dot com G18GRANV1CR
OxfordJR-16-EastGVC StormRebeccaMatthews rc.matthews at hotmail dot com G16GRANV1CR
OxfordJR-14-EastGVC TsunamiFredCollier vbcoach817 at gmail dot com G14GRANV1CR
GastoniaJR-12-WestGalaxy 12KaylaMoss kaylalingerfelt at aim dot com G12GALXY1CR
GastoniaJR-13-WestGalaxy 13MindyVincent mindyvincent at yahoo dot com G13GALXY1CR
GastoniaJR-14-WestGalaxy 14 CallieCalliePayne vollibg at icloud dot com G14GALXY1CR
GastoniaJR-14-WestGalaxy 14 JordanJordanVanderford sjvanderford at dot us G14GALXY2CR
GastoniaJR-16-WestGalaxy 16 BridgetBridgetAtkinson batkinson at ferrum dot edu G16GALXY3CR
GastoniaJR-16-WestGalaxy 16 DaveDaveNotaro cnotaro at rhmail dot org G16GALXY1CR
GastoniaJR-16-WestGalaxy 16 LeighLeighKiser lakiser at dot us G16GALXY2CR
GastoniaJR-16-WestGalaxy 16 LolimarLolimarViloria lolimarviloria at gmail dot com G16GALXY4CR
GastoniaJR-16-WestGalaxy 16 ToddToddSloan todd.sloan at gastongalaxy dot com G16GALXY5CR
GastoniaJR-17-WestGalaxy 17 AshleyAshleyGriffiths ambritton127 at gmail dot com G17GALXY1CR
GastoniaJR-17-WestGalaxy 17 JoeJoeyLehman lehmanj.elite at gmail dot com G17GALXY2CR
SalisburyJR-12-WestHRVC 12 PixiesJuleeMichael jsmichael33 at hotmail dot com G12HROCK1CR
SalisburyJR-13-WestHRVC 13 American GreenJenniferMichael jmichael74 at triad.rr dot com G13HROCK1CR
SalisburyJR-13-WestHRVC 13 Regional BlackMelyssaPickett melyssapickett6 at gmail dot com G13HROCK2CR
SalisburyJR-14-WestHRVC 14 American BlackRachelSchurter schurterrachel at gmail dot com G14HROCK2CR
SalisburyJR-14-WestHRVC 14 American WhiteSophieAndrews sophielouandrews2178 at gmail dot com G14HROCK3CR
SalisburyJR-14-WestHRVC 14 National GreenKelanRogers rogerskn1 at hotmail dot com G14HROCK1CR
SalisburyJR-14-WestHRVC 14 Regional GrayKrystinaMcGrady mcgradykrystinna at gmail dot com G14HROCK4CR
SalisburyJR-15-WestHRVC 15 American BlackAbbyPiere abpie18 at yahoo dot com G15HROCK2CR
SalisburyJR-15-WestHRVC 15 National GreenMichaelGreen coachmgreen at gmail dot com G15HROCK1CR
SalisburyJR-16-WestHRVC 16 American BlackKristinElmore kmelmore90 at gmail dot com G16HROCK2CR
SalisburyJR-16-WestHRVC 16 National GreenKevinWallace kevinwallace338 at triad.rr dot com G16HROCK1CR
SalisburyJR-17-WestHRVC 17 American GreenChadCross scross3977 at yahoo dot com G17HROCK1CR
JeffersonJR-14-WestHigh Country Elite 14ThelmaTaylor thelmaptaylor70 at yahoo dot com G14HCEVB1CR
JeffersonJR-14-WestHigh Country Elite 14 GoldMistyPritchard misty.prichard at dot us G14HCEVB2CR
JeffersonJR-16-WestHigh Country Elite 16PaulPotter Paulpotterjr at gmail dot com G16HCEVB1CR
High PointJR-15-EastHurricanes 15UDanielGriffin footballdan86 at gmail dot com G15HRRCN1CR
High PointJR-17-EastHurricanes 17UHannahGriffin admin at canesvbc dot com G17HRRCN1CR
StatesvilleJR-12-WestI.C. Stars 12 JordanJordanJohnson jordjohnson92 at gmail dot com G12ICSTR1CR
StatesvilleJR-13-WestI.C. Stars 13 GinaGinaGaines ginaslegaci at yahoo dot com G13ICSTR2CR
StatesvilleJR-13-WestI.C. Stars 13 MeganMeganNorris megan_norris at dot us G13ICSTR1CR
StatesvilleJR-14-WestI.C. Stars 14 DaveDaveMarkland dave_markland at aol dot com G14ICSTR1CR
StatesvilleJR-14-WestI.C. Stars 14 TAAlexisMason alexis_mason at dot us G14ICSTR2CR
StatesvilleJR-15-WestI.C. Stars 15 EllynEllynGaither ellyn_gaither at dot us G15ICSTR1CR
StatesvilleJR-16-WestI.C. Stars 16 MarkMarkMedich mmedich at icstarsvb dot org G16ICSTR1CR
StatesvilleJR-17-WestI.C. Stars 17 JoelJoelSprinkle joelsprinkle at gmail dot com G17ICSTR1CR
ClaytonJR-14-EastJCJ 14UKristyPuryear johnstoncountyjaguars at gmail dot com G14JCJAG1CR
ClaytonJR-18-EastJCJ 18UHannahDurham hannah.durham1993 at gmail dot com G18JCJAG1CR
DurhamJR-14-EastJammers 14 RedJamekaFloyd jcf0124 at gmail dot com G14JAMMR1CR
DurhamJR-15-EastJammers 15 BlueMarthaLloyd mlgeorge34 at yahoo dot com G15JAMMR2CR
DurhamJR-15-EastJammers 15 RedJaLisaSessoms jalisa23sessoms at gmail dot com G15JAMMR1CR
DurhamJR-16-EastJammers 16 BlueSakinaCavazos kinaterre at gmail dot com G16JAMMR2CR
DurhamJR-16-EastJammers 16 RedStevenBarnes coachbarnes777 at gmail dot com G16JAMMR1CR
DurhamJR-17-EastJammers 17 RedZipporahFoster zipporahfoster1 at gmail dot com G17JAMMR1CR
DurhamJR-18-EastJammers 18 BlackMichaelHodge mdread42 at gmail dot com G18JAMMR1CR
ClaytonJR-13-EastJoCo 13 BlackPaulHobbs coachpaulvolleyball at hotmail dot com G13JOCOV1CR
ClaytonJR-14-EastJoCo 14 BlackBrianDavis brian.davis at ncagr dot gov G14JOCOV1CR
ClaytonJR-15-EastJoCo 15 BlackShelleyJohnston wacojoco at gmail dot com G15JOCOV1CR
ClaytonJR-16-EastJoCo 16 BlackMarinaRoe mroe0546 at gmail dot com G16JOCOV1CR
ClaytonJR-17-EastJoCo 17 BlackBriannaDavis briannadavis1535 at gmail dot com G17JOCOV1CR
Holly SpringsJR-13-EastKAT 13 BlackLuisaLyons luisa.lyons7 at gmail dot com G13NCKAT1CR
Holly SpringsJR-16-EastKAT 16 BlackPatrickLyons patrick_lyons at btopenworld dot com G16NCKAT1CR
SanfordJR-15-EastL2 15 1JalestyWashington Jalesty at gmail dot com G15L2VBC1CR
SanfordJR-16-EastL2 16 1DalLangston langstondal at gmail dot com G16L2VBC1CR
SanfordJR-18-EastL2 18 1MoeLicardo mlicardo7 at gmail dot com G18L2VBC1CR
MooresvilleJR-14-WestLKN 14sAnnelleGrealis annelle.grealis at gmail dot com G14LNVBC1CR
MooresvilleBoys-16LKN 16 DaveDavidRusk drusk at classicstonecreations dot com B16LNVBC1CR
MooresvilleJR-16-WestLKN 16sLexiHenriott lexihenriott at gmail dot com G16LNVBC1CR
MooresvilleBoys-18LKN 18 DaveDavidRusk drusk at classicstonecreations dot com B18LNVBC1CR
CorneliusJR-17-WestLKN Divas CyclonesDougDeffenbaugh fitkidsports.coachd at gmail dot com G17LKNDV1CR
MooresvilleJR-17-WestLUVC 17AmandaAllison info at levelupsportsperformance dot com G17LVLUP1CR
SanfordJR-12-EastLee County Slammers 12HeatherHughes haileywill10 at gmail dot com G12LEESL1CR
SanfordJR-13-EastLee County Slammers 13MeganJames kmjames1227 at gmail dot com G13LEESL1CR
SanfordJR-14-EastLee County Slammers 14CarlaPruett pruettfamily at gmail dot com G14LEESL1CR
SanfordJR-15-EastLee County Slammers 15DavidDubuc lcvcslammers at gmail dot com G15LEESL1CR
SanfordJR-17-EastLee County Slammers 17CarlaDubuc lcvcslammers at gmail dot com G17LEESL1CR
SanfordJR-18-EastLee County Slammers 18SavannahPatterson spatterson3 at live dot com G18LEESL1CR
KinstonJR-15-EastLenoir Fusion 15 OrangeJulieTuten j_tuten at hotmail dot com G15LNRFN1CR
KinstonJR-15-EastLenoir Fusion 15 WhiteLaurieHarris leighsmithharris at gmail dot com G15LNRFN2CR
KinstonJR-18-EastLenoir Fusion 18 OrangeEvelynBraxton janebraxton at yahoo dot com G18LNRFN1CR
WilmingtonJR-12-EastNC Coastal 12 SydneySydneyMose sam6658 at uncw dot edu G12NCCST1CR
WilmingtonJR-13-EastNC Coastal 13 CourtneyCourtneyMullinax cmm6326 at uncw dot edu G13NCCST2CR
WilmingtonJR-13-EastNC Coastal 13 Steve GSteveGoff stevengoff55 at hotmail dot com G13NCCST1CR
WilmingtonJR-14-EastNC Coastal 14 CarolineCarolineWinand carolinewinand at gmail dot com G14NCCST4CR
WilmingtonJR-14-EastNC Coastal 14 EllenEllenKazura ekazura at nccoastalvolleyball dot com G14NCCST1CR
WilmingtonJR-14-EastNC Coastal 14 ErinErinKennedy eekennedy861 at gmail dot com G14NCCST2CR
WilmingtonJR-14-EastNC Coastal 14 MorganMorganRasmussen morganrasmussen3 at gmail dot com G14NCCST3CR
WilmingtonJR-14-EastNC Coastal 14 RachelRachelTaylor rachelharrison0428 at gmail dot com G14NCCST5CR
WilmingtonJR-15-EastNC Coastal 15 DougDougStaudenmaier fvliveliner at gmail dot com G15NCCST4CR
WilmingtonJR-15-EastNC Coastal 15 JacobJacobYates jacobmyates at gmail dot com G15NCCST2CR
WilmingtonJR-15-EastNC Coastal 15 MarissaMarissaParks mparks98 at gmail dot com G15NCCST3CR
WilmingtonJR-15-EastNC Coastal 15 Steve MSteveMcKeon gardenconcepts at ec.rr dot com G15NCCST1CR
WilmingtonJR-16-EastNC Coastal 16 JustinJustinKeeny jkeeny at nccoastalvolleyball dot com G16NCCST1CR
WilmingtonJR-16-EastNC Coastal 16 LomaLomaSiegel siegelvball at gmail dot com G16NCCST2CR
WilmingtonJR-17-EastNC Coastal 17 AnnieAnnieCopenhaver copenhaverannie at gmail dot com G17NCCST2CR
WilmingtonJR-17-EastNC Coastal 17 NickNickFaddoul nfaddoul at ec.rr dot com G17NCCST1CR
WilmingtonJR-18-EastNC Coastal 18 CarolineCarolineWinand carolinewinand at gmail dot com G18NCCST1CR
Buies CreekJR-14-EastNC Intensity AshleyAshleyGaines gainesashley1432 at gmail dot com G14NCINT1CR
Buies CreekJR-17-EastNC Intensity GraceGraceGaines gainesgrace0 at gmail dot com G17NCINT1CR
Buies CreekJR-17-EastNC Intensity HayleyHayleyCollier hayleycollier99 at gmail dot com G17NCINT2CR
Buies CreekJR-12-EastNC Intensity JeffJeffHood jchoopster at hotmail dot com G12NCINT1CR
Buies CreekJR-13-EastNC Intensity MelissaMelissaStevens mstevens at dot us G13NCINT1CR
Buies CreekJR-16-EastNC Intensity RuthRuthTart ruthtart18 at yahoo dot com G16NCINT1CR
GreensboroJR-14-EastNC Power 14-1 BlackSamanthaUnderwood sammi.underwood02 at gmail dot com G14NCPWR1CR
GreensboroBoys-14NC Power 14U BoysMichaelRegister registermike360 at gmail dot com B14NCPWR1CR
GreensboroJR-15-EastNC Power 15-1 BlackPanechayHunt ncpowervb at gmail dot com G15NCPWR1CR
GreensboroJR-16-EastNC Power 16-1 BlackElisabethLenk coachlibby.howard at gmail dot com G16NCPWR1CR
GreensboroJR-18-EastNC Power 18-1 BlackRobertCashion cashiontime at gmail dot com G18NCPWR1CR
RoxboroJR-18-EastNorth Durham Volleyball ClubSarahClayton northdurhamvolleyball at gmail dot com G18NDRHM1CR
North WilkesboroJR-14-WestNorthEast Volleyball ClubAaronMyers northeastvc at gmail dot com G14NEVBC1CR
MooresvilleJR-12-WestPAVC - NC 12 GreenLampunghKounlamith precisionathleticscmk at gmail dot com G12PRCSN1CR
MooresvilleJR-12-WestPAVC - NC 12 GreyLisaLandis landislisa at roadrunner dot com G12PRCSN3CR
MooresvilleJR-12-WestPAVC - NC 12 WhiteTaylorOffnick taylornoffnick at gmail dot com G12PRCSN2CR
MooresvilleJR-13-WestPAVC - NC 13 EmeraldWhitneyBowling wbowling456 at gmail dot com G13PRCSN1CR
MooresvilleJR-13-WestPAVC - NC 13 JadePaulBergey pbergey at gmail dot com G13PRCSN2CR
MooresvilleJR-14-WestPAVC - NC 14 EmeraldAnnHales sabbymocha at yahoo dot com G14PRCSN1CR
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MooresvilleJR-15-WestPAVC - NC 15 EmeraldMeganBaranko precisionathleticsmb at gmail dot com G15PRCSN3CR
MooresvilleJR-15-WestPAVC - NC 15 OnyxCaraMartin precisionathleticscmk at gmail dot com G15PRCSN1CR
MooresvilleJR-16-WestPAVC - NC 16 BlackChristinaValentino tinival at yahoo dot com G16PRCSN2CR
MooresvilleJR-16-WestPAVC - NC 16 OnyxMelissaHaines amhaines831 at gmail dot com G16PRCSN1CR
MooresvilleJR-17-WestPAVC - NC 17 BlackAlexandriaGuild aguild at citadel dot edu G17PRCSN2CR
MooresvilleJR-17-WestPAVC - NC 17 EmeraldRandyLowe rlowe9 at yahoo dot com G17PRCSN3CR
MooresvilleJR-17-WestPAVC - NC 17 OnyxJenniferKurtas ajkurtas at aol dot com G17PRCSN1CR
MooresvilleJR-18-WestPAVC - NC 18 OnyxMistyDavis mdavis at statesvilleanalytical dot com G18PRCSN1CR
RandlemanJR-14-EastPGVC Elite 14uMarkMcCain piedmontdairy at gmail dot com G14PROVG2CR
RandlemanJR-14-EastPGVC Patriots 14MandyHinshaw mhinshaw at supmech dot com G14PROVG1CR
RandlemanJR-17-EastPGVC Patriots 17 RedWadeOxendine tim.brown at xpo dot com G17PROVG1CR
RandlemanJR-15-EastPGVC PowerJonTippett jon.tippett at stateelectric dot com G15PROVG1CR
MadisonJR-12-EastPannix 12UKristineSola Bradford solak81 at yahoo dot com G12PANNX1CR
MayodanJR-13-EastPannix 13UJenniferSola jennie1426 at gmail dot com G13PANNX1CR
MadisonJR-14-EastPannix 14USarahHopper dadhoppers at gmail dot com G14PANNX1CR
GreensboroJR-13-WestPiedmont 13 EliteMadisonThompson thompsonmaddie1313 at gmail dot com G13PIEDM1CR
GreensboroJR-13-WestPiedmont 13 JDIKelseyMilborn kmilborn at piedmontvolleyballclub dot org G13PIEDM2CR
GreensboroJR-14-WestPiedmont 14 EliteMattRiggs mattriggs4mu at gmail dot com G14PIEDM1CR
GreensboroJR-14-WestPiedmont 14 EpicAbbyFriesen abbyjfriesen at gmail dot com G14PIEDM3CR
GreensboroJR-14-WestPiedmont 14 JDIAudreyHoffman audreychoffman at gmail dot com G14PIEDM2CR
GreensboroJR-14-WestPiedmont 14 VaporTresiaZarger Zarger14 at hotmail dot com G14PIEDM4CR
GreensboroJR-15-WestPiedmont 15 EliteJustinPaggao jpaggao at piedmontvolleyballclub dot org G15PIEDM1CR
GreensboroJR-15-WestPiedmont 15 EpicDylanMyers dmyers292 at gmail dot com G15PIEDM3CR
GreensboroJR-15-WestPiedmont 15 JDIPamelaWordsworth pamelacraigle92 at gmail dot com G15PIEDM2CR
GreensboroBoys-16Piedmont 15 MambaRolandoButed rolando at piedmontvolleyballclub dot org B15PIEDM1CR
GreensboroJR-15-WestPiedmont 15 VaporKenneth - AllenGray Kallengray at gmail dot com G15PIEDM4CR
GreensboroJR-16-WestPiedmont 16 EliteKyleMilborn kyle.milborn at piedmontvolleyballclub dot org G16PIEDM1CR
GreensboroJR-16-WestPiedmont 16 EpicShealynnMiller millers1 at carolinau dot edu G16PIEDM3CR
GreensboroJR-16-WestPiedmont 16 JDIBreannaBanske breannabanske15 at yahoo dot com G16PIEDM2CR
GreensboroJR-16-WestPiedmont 16 VaporHeatherHoff hhoff at thencla dot org G16PIEDM4CR
GreensboroJR-17-WestPiedmont 17 EliteAlfonsoAlvarez alfonso.alvarez247 at gmail dot com G17PIEDM1CR
GreensboroJR-18-WestPiedmont 18 EliteArielNewman anewman at piedmontvolleyballclub dot org G18PIEDM1CR
GreensboroJR-18-WestPiedmont 18 JDIRustyZarger zarger11 at hotmail dot com G18PIEDM3CR
GreensboroJR-18-WestPiedmont 18 SwooshKevinAnderson andersonkr89 at gmail dot com G18PIEDM2CR
GreenvilleJR-14-EastPitt County EliteStephanieMeadows stephsand at hotmail dot com G14PITTC1CR
CharlotteJR-16-WestQCVA 16 AlyshaAlyshaMcCreary alysha at qcva dot org G16QCVBA1CR
CharlotteJR-16-WestQCVA 16 MichelleMichelleMarques michellevmarques at gmail dot com G16QCVBA2CR
CharlotteJR-17-WestQCVA 17 MoanaMoanaReid moanajustine at gmail dot com G17QCVBA1CR
CharlotteJR-18-WestQCVA 18 AKAnylaKryeziu akryeziu14 at montreat dot edu G18QCVBA1CR
CharlotteJR-18-WestQCVA 18 MyaMyaScott demyatscott2486 at gmail dot com G18QCVBA2CR
China GroveJR-12-WestRCVC Rowan Rage 12HeidiShell heidishell at carolina.rr dot com G12RWNCT1CR
China GroveJR-13-WestRCVC Rowan Rage 13BarryRymer brvolley at yahoo dot com G13RWNCT1CR
SalisburyJR-15-WestRCVC Warriorz 15RickTurner ricktrnr at gmail dot com G15RWNCT1CR
SanfordJR-14-EastREAL Sports 14s IgniteAngelaStewart ajstewart1999 at gmail dot com G14REALS1CR
SanfordJR-17-EastREAL Sports 17s CrossfireRobynBrown rbrownshineon at gmail dot com G17REALS1CR
RaleighJR-13-EastRaleigh 13GGeorgeTsai ralvbc at gmail dot com G13RALVB1CR
RaleighJR-14-EastRaleigh 14GGeorgeTsai ralvbc at gmail dot com G14RALVB2CR
RaleighJR-14-EastRaleigh 14KKellyBaldridge cbbird1998 at yahoo dot com G14RALVB1CR
RaleighJR-15-EastRaleigh 15JJoelEscala joel.escala at gmail dot com G15RALVB1CR
RaleighJR-16-EastRaleigh 16HBHannahCostenbader hcostenb316 at gmail dot com G16RALVB1CR
RaleighJR-16-EastRaleigh 16KKellyBaldridge cbbird1998 at yahoo dot com G16RALVB2CR
RaleighJR-17-EastRaleigh 17BGElizabethDemorest demorestdesigns at gmail dot com G17RALVB1CR
AsheboroJR-15-EastRandolph Arsenal 15KeithLovings keith.lovings at yahoo dot com G15RNDPH1CR
Fuquay VarinaJR-12-EastRevolution 12 MalynnMalynnClark malynn.clark at gmail dot com G12FUQRV2CR
Fuquay VarinaJR-12-EastRevolution 12 MarcyMarcySmith msmith9190 at aol dot com G12FUQRV1CR
Fuquay VarinaJR-13-EastRevolution 13 CourtneyCourtneyJackson courtvball1 at hotmail dot com G13FUQRV2CR
Fuquay VarinaJR-13-EastRevolution 13 KileyKileyShepard kileyshepard at gmail dot com G13FUQRV1CR
Fuquay VarinaJR-14-EastRevolution 14 AllenaAllenaHeath all3na07 at gmail dot com G14FUQRV2CR
Fuquay VarinaJR-14-EastRevolution 14 BillBillKlink billandjen95 at hotmail dot com G14FUQRV1CR
Fuquay VarinaJR-14-EastRevolution 14 MarcyMarcySmith msmith9190 at aol dot com G14FUQRV3CR
Fuquay VarinaJR-15-EastRevolution 15 SarayaSarayaKlink saraya186 at gmail dot com G15FUQRV1CR
Fuquay VarinaJR-16-EastRevolution 16 ShaeShaeSqueri shaelyn.squeri at gmail dot com G16FUQRV1CR
Fuquay-VarinaJR-18-EastRevolution 18 BillJenniferKlink fuquayrevolutionvball at gmail dot com G18FUQRV1CR
St PaulsJR-15-EastRobCo VC 15 InspireJoryBarnes joryc.barnes at gmail dot com G15ROBCO1CR
Saint PaulsJR-17-EastRobCo VC 17 TriumphTanyaMcNatt lilfaith46 at icloud dot com G17ROBCO1CR
Saint PaulsJR-18-EastRobCo VC 18 SpiritGlendaLowery robcovolleyballclub at gmail dot com G18ROBCO1CR
AsheboroJR-15-EastSVC 15 CougarsJessicaCutler southwestvballclub at gmail dot com G15SWVBC1CR
ArchdaleJR-18-EastSandRulz 18StevenEliott sandrulz74 at yahoo dot com G18SRULZ1CR
FayettevilleJR-12-EastSandhills 12U MoniqueMoniqueDaniels camcacdan at yahoo dot com G12SANDH1CR
FayettevilleJR-13-EastSandhills 13U DougDouglasGensel etownvet at hotmail dot com G13SANDH1CR
FayettevilleJR-14-EastSandhills 14U AprilAprilRowser atikai830915 at gmail dot com G14SANDH2CR
FayettevilleJR-14-EastSandhills 14U MaryMaryVanderzell mvanderzell at fayacademy dot org G14SANDH1CR
FayettevilleJR-15-EastSandhills 15U AdrianAdrianDailey agdailey0527 at email.campbell dot edu G15SANDH2CR
FayettevilleJR-15-EastSandhills 15U KristiKristiBaxley kristibaxley7 at yahoo dot com G15SANDH1CR
FayettevilleJR-16-EastSandhills 16U AdrianMyrandaOxendine myranda_oxendine at aol dot com G16SANDH3CR
FayettevilleJR-16-EastSandhills 16U KitaKitaCheadle kcheadle92 at gmail dot com G16SANDH2CR
FayettevilleJR-16-EastSandhills 16U NationalKellyMelvin kcvolly1032 at gmail dot com G16SANDH1CR
FayettevilleJR-16-EastSandhills 16U TammyTammyJordan tammyjordan at dot us G16SANDH4CR
FayettevilleJR-17-EastSandhills 17U AutumnAutumnBaker autumnbaker11 at icloud dot com G17SANDH2CR
FayettevilleJR-17-EastSandhills 17U National BrandonBrandonNew brandon.new18 at gmail dot com G17SANDH1CR
FayettevilleJR-18-EastSandhills 18U LeslieLeslieSnyder lsnyder152 at gmail dot com G18SANDH2CR
FayettevilleJR-18-EastSandhills 18U National HalleHalleFranklin Hallefranklin01 at gmail dot com G18SANDH1CR
ArchdaleJR-16-EastSandrulz 16DavidPeele apeele45 at gmail dot com G16SRULZ1CR
sanfordJR-17-EastSanford HEAT 17AnthonyRosser anthonyrosser at windstream dot net G17SANVB1CR
LaurinburgJR-13-EastScotland Volleyball Club 13UAshleyMcGugan mcguganashley at gmail dot com G13SCTVB1CR
LaurinburgJR-16-EastScotland Volleyball Club 16UBaileyZivitski Bzivit4241 at gmail dot com G16SCTVB1CR
LaurinburgJR-18-EastScotland Volleyball Club 18UKandonLuquer kandon199 at gmail dot com G18SCTVB1CR
HuntersvilleJR-17-WestShockersTimothyNohr tnohr at roadrunner dot com G17MTXEJ1CR
StatesvilleJR-15-WestSports Academy FireCraigHarper iffebe at yahoo dot com G15SPTAC2CR
StatesvilleJR-15-WestSports Academy HeatTrinaSharpe trs at sportsacademy-vb dot com G15SPTAC1CR
AlbemarleJR-16-EastStanly Elite 16RyanLowder ryan.lowder at yahoo dot com G16STNLY1CR
ConcordJR-12-EastStanly Extreme U-12ChristopherEdwards ufjenifa at yahoo dot com G12STEXT1CR
NorwoodJR-13-EastStanly Extreme U-13StephenMoss sjmoss at earthlink dot com G13STEXT1CR
StanfieldJR-14-EastStanly Extreme U-14MartinaBondurant bondombondo at gmail dot com G14STEXT1CR
AlbemarleJR-15-EastStanly Extreme U-15JamesMarshall marshall_1 at windstream dot net G15STEXT1CR
HarrisburgJR-16-EastStanly Extreme U-16CarlGambrell abcgambrell at aol dot com G16STEXT1CR
AlbemarleJR-18-EastStanly Extreme U-18EricLaskowski eric.j.laskowski at gmail dot com G18STEXT1CR
Winston SalemJR-12-WestTCVA 12 HKHRebeccaPerrell rebeccaperrell at dot us G12TWINC1CR
Winston SalemJR-13-WestTCVA 13 HKHMackenziePatton pattkm19 at wfu dot edu G13TWINC1CR
Winston SalemJR-13-WestTCVA 13 RoyalTijhGlasco Glascot at carolinau dot edu G13TWINC2CR
Winston SalemBoys-14TCVA 14 BROSPatrickShugart patrickshugart at gmail dot com B14TWINC1CR
Winston SalemJR-14-WestTCVA 14 HKHJordanStevens jordan.stevens at dot us G14TWINC1CR
Winston SalemJR-14-WestTCVA 14 RoyalTenaeHoward tenaehoward at gmail dot com G14TWINC2CR
Winston SalemJR-15-WestTCVA 15 HKHLaurenGillon lmyacobi7 at gmail dot com G15TWINC1CR
Winston SalemJR-15-WestTCVA 15 RoyalAshtonGregory ashbrigreg at gmail dot com G15TWINC2CR
Winston SalemBoys-16TCVA 16 BROSSarumRich sarumrich at gmail dot com B16TWINC1CR
Winston SalemJR-16-WestTCVA 16 HKHTabathaLyons trlyons09 at gmail dot com G16TWINC1CR
Winston SalemJR-17-WestTCVA 17 HKHAmberBrandon brandona at dot us G17TWINC1CR
Winston SalemJR-17-EastTCVA 17 HolmesRachelRuble rublera.rar at gmail dot com G17TWINC2CR
Winston SalemJR-17-EastTCVA 17 RoyalRakelWilson rakel95 at aol dot com G17TWINC3CR
Winston SalemBoys-18TCVA 18 BROSJustinBurgess Jwburgess34 at gmail dot com B18TWINC1CR
Winston SalemJR-18-WestTCVA 18 HKHJanDowling dowlinjs at dot us G18TWINC1CR
GASTONIAJR-14-WestTCVB 13/14 BLACKChrisGates cgates at edificeinc dot com G14THCTS1CR
GastoniaJR-15-WestTCVB 15 GreyKristenZabalavicius zabalak12 at gmail dot com G15THCTS1CR
GastoniaJR-18-WestTCVB 18 GreyCathrineLockhart thundercatsvb at gmail dot com G18THCTS1CR
New BernJR-13-EastTRVC 13 BlackAnnetteWillams skistefko at yahoo dot com G13TWRIV1CR
New BernJR-14-EastTRVC 14 BlackLaurieVarner lavarner at yahoo dot com G14TWRIV1CR
New BernJR-14-EastTRVC 14 BlueJordanBissell jordanmckenna911 at gmail dot com G14TWRIV2CR
New BernJR-15-EastTRVC 15 BlackDarrylRadford dradford at templeonline dot net G15TWRIV1CR
New BernJR-15-EastTRVC 15 BlueMichaelMcCoy michael.mccoyjr32 at gmail dot com G15TWRIV2CR
New BernJR-16-EastTRVC 16 BlackMakenzieLay kenziecrew8 at yahoo dot com G16TWRIV1CR
New BernJR-18-EastTRVC 18 BlackHollyRadford radfordh24 at gmail dot com G18TWRIV1CR
RaleighGoldThe Volley LlamasAddisonMusser abmusser44 at gmail dot com MENVLAMA1CR
KinstonJR-17-EastTop Caliber 17SarahCarter sarahncarter42 at gmail dot com G17TCLBR1CR
HampsteadJR-17-EastTopsail Volleyball ClubTraceyShugarts traceyshugarts at gmail dot com G17TSAIL1CR
High PointJR-15-EastTriad EliteDr. GeorgetteCrawford-Crooks gcrawfordcrooks at gmail dot com G15TRDEL1CR
MorrisvilleJR-12-EastTriangle 11 BlackMaryWands mary.wands at trianglevolleyball dot org G11TRNGL1CR
MorrisvilleJR-13-EastTriangle 12 BlackJennaHinton jenna.hinton at trianglevolleyball dot org G12TRNGL1CR
MorrisvilleJR-12-EastTriangle 12 BlueKelseySmith kelsey.smith at trianglevolleyball dot org G12TRNGL2CR
MorrisvilleJR-12-EastTriangle 12 SilverLaurenSaxby lauren.saxby at trianglevolleyball dot org G12TRNGL4CR
MorrisvilleJR-12-EastTriangle 12 WhiteBarryGower barry.gower at trianglevolleyball dot org G12TRNGL3CR
MorrisvilleJR-13-EastTriangle 13 BlackBeverlyLineberger beverly.lineberger at trianglevolleyball dot org G13TRNGL1CR
MorrisvilleJR-13-EastTriangle 13 BlueRichardTharrington richard.tharrington at trianglevolleyball dot org G13TRNGL2CR
MorrisvilleJR-13-EastTriangle 13 SilverSarahBrandon sarah.brandon at trianglevolleyball dot org G13TRNGL4CR
MorrisvilleJR-13-EastTriangle 13 WhiteLindseyHall lindsey.hall at trianglevolleyball dot org G13TRNGL3CR
MorrisvilleJR-14-EastTriangle 14 BlackLatachaDe Oliveira latacha.deoliveira at trianglevolleyball dot org G14TRNGL1CR
MorrisvilleJR-14-EastTriangle 14 BlueCJHunter cj.hunter at trianglevolleyball dot org G14TRNGL2CR
MorrisvilleJR-14-EastTriangle 14 SilverRobertPenland robert.penland at trianglevolleyball dot org G14TRNGL4CR
morrisvilleJR-14-EastTriangle 14 SteelSherryFadool sherry.fadool at trianglevolleyball dot org G14TRNGL5CR
MorrisvilleJR-14-EastTriangle 14 WhiteDaveneMainwaring davene.mainwaring at trianglevolleyball dot org G14TRNGL3CR
MorrisvilleBoys-14Triangle 14U Boys-BlackMichaelWebster michael.webster at trianglevolleyball dot org B14TRNGL1CR
MorrisvilleJR-15-EastTriangle 15 BlackAlstonGodbold alston.godbold at trianglevolleyball dot org G15TRNGL1CR
MorrisvilleJR-15-EastTriangle 15 BlueJillSimpson jill.simpson at trianglevolleyball dot org G15TRNGL2CR
MorrisvilleJR-15-EastTriangle 15 NavyLaurenTharrington lauren.tharrington at trianglevolleyball dot org G15TRNGL4CR
MorrisvilleJR-15-EastTriangle 15 SilverBrianHarris brian.harris at trianglevolleyball dot org G15TRNGL5CR
MorrisvilleJR-15-EastTriangle 15 WhiteJuliaMainwaring julia.mainwaring at trianglevolleyball dot org G15TRNGL3CR
MorrisvilleJR-16-EastTriangle 16 BlackRobinBugg robin.bugg at trianglevolleyball dot org G16TRNGL1CR
MorrisvilleJR-16-EastTriangle 16 BlueEmilyHendricks emily.hendricks at trianglevolleyball dot org G16TRNGL2CR
MorrisvilleJR-16-EastTriangle 16 SilverJessicaMcKeon jessica.mckeon at trianglevolleyball dot org G16TRNGL4CR
MorrisvilleJR-16-EastTriangle 16 WhiteFionaCollichio fiona.collichio at trianglevolleyball dot org G16TRNGL3CR
MorrisvilleBoys-16Triangle 16U Boys-BlackMeredithBlum meredith.blum at trianglevolleyball dot org B16TRNGL1CR
MorrisvilleJR-17-EastTriangle 17 BlackAaronHarrison aaron.harrison at trianglevolleyball dot org G17TRNGL1CR
MorrisvilleJR-17-EastTriangle 17 BlueJimFreeman jim.freeman at trianglevolleyball dot org G17TRNGL2CR
MorrisvilleJR-17-EastTriangle 17 WhiteStevenAbbott at trianglevolleyball dot org G17TRNGL3CR
MorrisvilleJR-18-EastTriangle 18 BlackLoganBarber logan.barber at trianglevolleyball dot org G18TRNGL1CR
MorrisvilleJR-18-EastTriangle 18 BlueDrewHermanson drew.hermanson at trianglevolleyball dot org G18TRNGL2CR
MorrisvilleBoys-18Triangle 18U Boys-BlackBrianPoppe brian.poppe at trianglevolleyball dot org B18TRNGL1CR
ApexJR-16-EastValor 16JeffreyDobert echo5delta16 at gmail dot com G16VALOR1CR
WilsonJR-15-EastWEVC15BreannePone bpone25 at yahoo dot com G15WLSNE1CR
WilsonJR-16-EastWEVC16LindseySutton lindsey.sutton5 at yahoo dot com G16WLSNE1CR
WilsonJR-18-EastWEVC18TabithaWilcox tabithawilcox79 at gmail dot com G18WLSNE1CR
Chapel HillJR-12-EastWhite Cross Elite 12Larry WarrenRay warren_ray at unc dot edu G12WHTCR1CR
Chapel HillJR-13-EastWhite Cross Elite 13AshaBarnes asha.barnes13 at gmail dot com G13WHTCR1CR
Chapel HillJR-14-EastWhite Cross Elite 14AriaHenry ariahenry1221 at gmail dot com G14WHTCR1CR
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Chapel HillJR-17-EastWhite Cross Elite 17JordanYoung jordany3 at live.unc dot edu G17WHTCR1CR
Chapel HillJR-18-EastWhite Cross Elite 18Steven DavidElkins sdelkins at email.unc dot edu G18WHTCR1CR
HendersonvilleJR-18-WestXcel 18 SelectRickMoore rick at xcelsportsplex dot com G18XCELP1CR
YadkinvilleJR-14-WestYVVC 14RosaLovejoy yvvc1994 at yahoo dot com G14YVVBC1CR
YadkinvilleJR-16-WestYVVC 16RosaLovejoy yvvc1994 at yahoo dot com G16YVVBC1CR
AsheboroJR-13-EastZoo City 13U StormKathrynDixon kathrynhobson3 at yahoo dot com G13ZOOVB1CR
AsheboroJR-17-EastZoo City 17U VoltageKateDark katetalk9 at gmail dot com G17ZOOVB1CR
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