National Bid 14's, 15's, 17's (Mar 17, 2019) Tournament (Juniors)

Need 1 courts, have 0 courts available

DivisionTeam CountCourts NeededCourts Available
Girls-15 1 0
Girls-17 2 1

Tournament Notes

National Bid tournament for age groups 14's, 15's and 17's. Please note, this tournament will be assigned using March 17th sites playing in the central part of the state.

Additional tournament information (start times, formats, etc.) can be found at the Region Frequently Asked Questions page.

NOTE: Teams listed in RED may be in danger of not getting into the tournament. Go to question about this feature at our Tournament FAQ section for more information.


Registrations for Girls-15

1 entries


Registrations for Girls-17

2 entries