03/03 Tournament (Juniors)

Playing Divisions

Need 15 courts, have 25 courts available

DivisionTeam CountCourts NeededCourts Available
JR-11-East 3 2
JR-11-West 4 2
JR-12-East 25 6
JR-12-West 20 5
East 28 8 12
Either 3
West 24 7 10

Possible sites

These are the sites which have offered to host for the tournament. Site assignments will depend on entries, and not all sites may be used.

Providence Grove HS 3 Either Climax
Millennium Charter Academy 2 West Mt Airy
Select Sportsplex 3 West Hickory
Starmount Middle School 2 West Booneville
Martin Gym 2 2 East Greenville
Freedom Courts Sportsplex 2 East Fayetteville
Freedom Courts Sportsplex 2 East Fayetteville
Durham School of The Arts - Sykes Gym 2 East Durham
Eden Family YMCA 2 East Eden
Kannapolis Middle School 3 West Kannapolis
Kerr Vance Academy 2 East Henderson

Tournament Notes

Entry deadline: Sat Feb 17, 2024

Site and Pool assignments will be made on Mon Feb 19, 2024
Additional tournament information (start times, formats, etc.) can be found at the Region Frequently Asked Questions page.

NOTE: Teams listed in RED may be in danger of not getting into the tournament. Go to question about this feature at our Tournament FAQ section for more information.


Registrations for JR-11-East

3 entries


Registrations for JR-11-West

4 entries


Registrations for JR-12-East

25 entries


Registrations for JR-12-West

20 entries