Regional AND East/West Championships (Mar 24, 2019) Tournament (Juniors)

Need 0 courts, have 16 courts available

DivisionTeam CountCourts NeededCourts Available
East 8
Either 6
West 2

Possible sites

These are the sites which have offered to host for the tournament. Site assignments will depend on entries, and not all sites may be used.

Providence Grove HS 3 Either Climax
Freedom Courts Sportsplex 4 East Fayetteville
Starmount Middle School 2 West Booneville
Martin Gym 2 East Greenville
McMichael HS 2 East Mayodan
Simkins Sports Pavilion 3 Either Greensboro

Tournament Notes

Regional/East/West Championships for age group 14's.

Additional tournament information (start times, formats, etc.) can be found at the Region Frequently Asked Questions page.

NOTE: Teams listed in RED may be in danger of not getting into the tournament. Go to question about this feature at our Tournament FAQ section for more information.